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December 08 2009

Buffy and Sci-Fi Class at Michigan State University. AMS 450 - Major Themes in Pop Culture will be offered this spring at MSU with a focus in BtVS, The Terminator, and Aliens.

The description, which can be found through much tinkering at, is as follows:

This course illustrates a variety of sci-fi themes: utopian and dystopian societies, relationships between humans, alien contact, post apocalyptic futures, female heroes and the metaphor of the vampire and the zombie. We will look closely at Aliens, The Terminator and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We will read fiction and essays by Octavia Butler, Margaret Atwood, Bell Hooks, and others.

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Oh, how I wish I went to Michigan State! Or that my college offered classes that cool back when I was there...
...My first reaction to this was to look up what it would take to transfer there. How sad is that?

Wish my college was this'd think it would be, considering that the ENTIRE theatre department (and most of the people in the music and English departments) has whole conversations using only Dr. Horrible quotes, uses the word "shiny" in regular conversation, and regularly debates the superiority of various pairings and the hotness of various characters. And I'm talking about both students and professors.

So why can't WE have Buffy studies???
Aww, too bad they didn't offer that when I was there. Of course, I probably wouldn't have known about it till too late, since I was in Animal Science and there's not exactly a whole lot of crossover between those two departments, but still.

Have fun!

I just sent in my application to Wesleyan. Ironically, I don't think they offer any classes like that...
The suckiest thing about this, is, I've just dropped a Gothic Literature Class because the entire Twitlight Twilight series is on the compulsory reading list, and I could barely make it through chapter 1 of Twilight itself. I'm also dropping Women Writers of the Modern Era because it has a major focus on Meyer... now, if they were offering studies in Buffy/Joss Whedon/Sci-Fi, I would actually be interested in (and that would guarantee my attendence to every single lecture). The University of Queensland really needs to step up it's game.
Hey, I AM a Michigan State graduate. Of course, that was in 1975, just saying, and I was reading mainly people like Samuel Beckett and Kurt Vonnegut at the time. Great campus, set a bit apart from E. Lansing, and on the banks of the Red Cedar River. Lived in Holmes Hall and Snyder Phillips before moving off campus. Cool to see the ol' place offering this up; had they done so then, I'd surely have jumped in, if I knew that something like Buffy existed (which of course it did not, at the time). Let's do the time warp again!

lhbach- which dorm were you in? I was a Lyman Briggs grad, and married someone who was a Justin Morrill grad (JM no longer exists, and LB is part of main campus now, rather than a residential college, as it was then). Animal Science is, and was, one of the big programs at MSU. I was simply biology, with a focus on botany.
Is there a link to the description somewhere? I'm not seeing it anywhere on the site.
To get to the description, you have to go to and select the AMS department for spring 2010. Then click the "search courses" button. Sorry for the confusion!
Hate to break it to everyone that doesn't go to MSU and can't take the class anyway, but the way scheduling is done, it was actually offered last spring, not the semester coming up.

I'm doing graduate studies here at MSU, and until I realized that I seriously considered trying to sit in on it...
Check the schedule of courses, callmejeed? It's there and I'm enrolled in it. Or talk to Dr. Bruno, but it's definitely there. We've received emails from her and everything.
Must take this class. Did Bruno say you had to have any particular requirements Hekate? I just sent her an email, but I've had bad luck getting in contact with professors that way this semester. :\

Anyway . . . I really hope I get in. It looks like there are still spots open.
If only something this awesome was offered at a UK university.
icallitvera - I'm sure you'll get in. There aren't any requirements that I've heard of, and Bruno wants very much to raise enrollment. If you know anyone else that might be interested, please please please let them know. Apparently we need 15 or the class could be dropped. :(

(And if she doesn't reply, contact the department directly? They're authorized to do the override.)
Nice - always great to see the academic love. I actually got to take a class at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Comm 129: Interpersonal Relationships in the Buffyverse.

Best. Class. Ever.

For our final class we turned in our term papers, then watched Chosen.

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I am wicked jealous of that class Emmie and the students who get to take this coming class. I hope it doesn't get canceled cause of low enrollment, been there and that blows when it's a class you need to take let alone one you want to take. Why can't my school be this progressive, oh well...
That sounds AWESOME. I wish my school had a class like this. Sure, I wrote my English 200 thesis and art history cinema topics papers on Buffy, but that's an awesome for an entire semester class!
Yay! I just got in. It better not get cancelled.

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