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December 09 2009

Danny Strong: One of the Few Successful Actor-Writers. Our very own Jonathan makes Movieline's list of ten notable actors who have also made a successful go of it in the related field of screenwriting.

IMHO, "Recount" was absolutely Brilliant.
I was just telling my co-workers about Recount and about Danny.

Our company got ripped off a few years ago by a fly-by-night embroidery company. The scammers skipped out on the bill. They just got caught defrauding a bunch of charities and we just saw their mug-shot pictures online. It reminded me of someone we know...
Add me to the Recount love. Like All The President's Men it didn't try to dumb things down but credited the audience with enough intelligence to be able to keep up.
Never aired in the UK AFAIK which does surprise me. It would never have been a huge hit but the events were big news over here as they happened.
And what a cast for your first movie!
It did air in the UK. Channel 4 or Film4, and I know because I watched it.
It did? I missed that! I managed to watch it through.... "other" means....
Yep, I really liked Recount as well. Danny is an incredibly talented screen-writer and I'm eagerly awaiting his next movie as well, which has a good, politically engaged, subject again.
Yay, Danny! I remember striking last year with the "Battlestar" writers and Jane Espenson mentioned that he was writing a script, and he had asked her for some pointers, and she had very little to offer because it was just so dang good. I finally saw the movie when it came out on DVD, and I very much agree.

It's a shame Seth Rogen and Jason Segel only got passing mentions. They may not write and star in everyone's cuppa tea, but they are both quite accomplished actor/writers.

Lastly... there's a second "Nanny McPhee"? Huh.
Bizarre list. How is it that Seth Rogen and Jason Segel are only mentioned in Jay's bit, when both are way more successful than Jay? So, so odd. I mean, Rogen wrote "Superbad" and "Pineapple Express." C'mon.
Rogen also wrote, if memory serves, "Drillbit Taylor." Segel not only wrote "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," but also an upcoming "Muppets" movie. The freakin' Muppets, for crying out loud!
Yup, Rogen wrote "Drillbit" based off of Hughe's treatment.

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