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December 09 2009

Thank Shawna Trpcic. The Dollhouse Thank You Album takes a rest on Shawna Trpcic's desk. Thank her for helping get bobw10 onto the set for the deliveries last Friday in the photo comments and here. Great photo.

Thank you Shawna Trpcic and Alana Stone! (For character-driven costuming, too :)
Where will end it up next? This could be the Dollhouse equivalent of Amelie.
Thank you Shawna Trpcic! :-)
And here is bobw1o's comment specifically about Shawna.
Cheers Shawna ! ;)
I imagine this will be the last gasp, Simon. I for one, and please, everyone take this in the spirit it's intended, hope that we never ever have to do this again (of course, if necessary, then we'll be there). That is, thank/appreciate a cast and all of their colleagues because their show was canceled.

Next time, I vote we send gifts when Joss starts a new show, not, well, you know.

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Yeah but then what quotes would we put on the cake(s) ?

(unless we just put widely spaced speech marks and a note that says "Fill in the blanks" ;)
The danger there is all the people who'd submit for quotes, "This looks nice and all but can't you just make more Firefly". ;)
We make them up! Geesh.

Joss, this one's gonna stick!

25-year Run, Bon Chance!!.........
Thanks Shawna, For the red and black jacket, for the flamingos, for being gracious when everyone exclaimed what good clothing sense Joss has. ;-)
And for keeping us in mind with your awesome twittering and pics.
That's a fact - she even answered my annoyingly-obsessive question about the "Dollhouse" wardrobe room (they used FOX's massive wardrobe collection to simulate the Dollhouse "wardrobe" room in "Needs".) I needed to know that. Because I did.

She's fun to follow, and when there wasn't any official Dollhouse news, her little sunrise shots from early morning shoots at least gave us something to speculate about. Which was more obsessive fun.

Thanks, Shawna, for providing access to the World O' Dollhouse in at least several ways. I do hope the fellow that got the Dollhouse wardrobe tour last Thursday (@szark) enjoyed it muchly. I know *I* would have. *pained sigh* (There - was that passive-aggressive enough?)

I used to work wardrobe for an opera company, and while it wasn't, I imagine, anywhere near as fast-paced as on TV production, I bet it was every bit as crazy.

(BTW, there are two sets of paperdolls I would like from Dollhouse: "Echo" paperdolls, with outfits from all of her many engagements and selves ; >, and an "Adelle" doll - with her gorgeous, classy, elegant clothes. They would come in a paper folder which, like old style paperdolls, would be made to look like the Dolhouse, and would be where you store the clothes.)

I don't think I'm obsessive. Not at all. ; >
I wonder if we'll get a report of some kind from @szark. We're a sharing sort of fandom, aren't we? ;)
You're definitely much appreciated Shawna, and long before the set delivery of goodies. That alone has earned you honorary Whedonesquian badges of valor and membership. In fact, if you ever want to pop in and say Hello, just write the management to arrange for a pretty colored moniker, .

Thank you again for being open and giving to us fans of the show. I was thinking earlier and it brought yet another tear to my eye how special this particular fandom is. People often speak of fan groups and websites as being cliquey and insular. And in my mind I thought, "Yes, that's partially true of any place because of the human factor, no way around it, and yet, and yet, I think of Whedonesque and the Browncoat fans as out-sular for want of a better word. Welcoming to all, in the true spirit of Joss Whedon and how much his worlds mean to us."

And it's true. You're a Big Damn Hero on this one, Shawna.
Just emailed Shawna the link to this thread in case she didn't notice it on Twitpic. I know she's busy with this last ep, and we can all imagine why based on the title, but I'm sure she'll stop by to read it when she has a chance. |-)~
Thank you, Shawna for all your wonderful wardrobe choices. I had a chance to listen to you talk in the panel of costume designers at Comic-Con in July (and later give you a mini-Jayne's hat my friend knit) and enjoyed it. I also enjoy your tweets. ;)

I hope to see your name in the credits of Joss's next endeavour, whatever it may be.
Thank you thank you thank you Shawna!
Shawna, thank you for allowing bobw10 to visit the set and record impressions of the cast's reaction. I'm sure they are hurting inside, as we are, and showing their very gracious appreciation of the fan's efforts to show their love was cathartic to both them and all of us who are grieving for the loss of Dollhouse.

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