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"Good work zombie arm!"
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December 09 2009

Trailer for "Drones" - directed by Amber Benson & Adam Busch, starring Jonathan Woodward. Also featuring music by Common Rotation (band Adam Busch is in) and trailer features brief glimpse of Mr. Busch as well.

Hmmm.... Good Cast! I'm not seeing the Sci/Fi in this Trailer. It's more like Office, if this trailer is to be trusted. If there's a Sci/Fi twist that we're not seeing it could prove Intersting indeed. I'd love to see this in a Theater or on SyFy, even. :)
Mmmm yes, more Jonathan Woodward please.
Rewatching the end of season six last week, I wondered if Amber Benson and Adam Busch were still a couple. Looks like at least a creative partners.
Yeah, they're still dating. Irony is kind of ironic that way.
It's kind of like Office Space. I like the "strongly worded memo" song. I want to see this.
very awesome!...i wanna go see it! it'll be really cool if there was a small cameo by Amber or Adam....or both!
Check out their full...and fun...official site at
Shapenew, you beat me to it! :) If I had to guess, I bet the sci-fi element is that the girl is possibly an alien. Exhibit A:

"You're not gay or married or a third thing, are you?"
"No-- Yes! A third thing."

I want to see this, like, yesterday. :)
Can we add the offical site into the headline.
TDBrown ; There is supposed to be a fundamentally sci-fi premise, the office-comedy-show setting is exactly that , the setting.

CaptainB: Heck, per IMDB (insert laugh track for general purposes, irrespective of accuracy of specific information) they're actually "cohabitattatering" or whatever it's called.

quantumac: Yes, my own love of irony, on this or other subjects, is a bit unhealthy. (Also I bear a very , very slight resemblance to Adam so his dating Amber is the closest I'll ever get.)

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