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December 09 2009

Buffy syndication gears up in the US. Buffy reruns coming to LOGO and MTV January 2010.

It'll be nice to see the episodes return to synidcation, but I wish they would be more accessible to younger audiences. Mid-day weekday is bad for kids and Logo is a bit off brand for younger audiences right now...
I'm really glad to see MTV taking up Buffy, and I'm especially glad Buffy is landing on Logo slash that it's building up its syndicated scripted fair!
Buffy seems like one of those shows that will always be around. At all times, somewhere in the world, someone is watching Buffy, I'm sure of it.
*hugs Buffy dvd boxes*

For those watchers I hope they don't edit anything out.

Speaking of beeing around, what's with the .org not beeing there?
Will the episodes be aired in order, or is it just going to be whatever episode they think will draw the most watchers? Unless I'm missing something in my definition of syndication and asking a stupid question.
I'm thrilled Buffy is going to be on LOGO, as it's a perfect fit for an LGBT audience.
Speaking of beeing around, what's with the .org not beeing there?

I don't know but it makes me afraid. 2012 is only 3 years away, this could be the beginning.
That is freaking awesome if asked me, I don't have all the seasons of Buffy. And it'll be nice to sit back around 6pm & 7pm and watch my favorite show.

I just hope they air the first season then second, and so on. They will because if they don't then that will be totally stupid on their part.
This just means I'll be getting random kick-ass episodes when I happen to turn on the tele at the right time! I miss catching a few minutes in the morning (on fx) before I'm off to work.

Does this mean Angel will be following suit soon?
I was disappointed when they stopped airing them on FX even though I have all the DVD box sets. I still tune in once in a while to Angel on TNT when I get up in time to catch it. Even when you have the DVDs, it's just a joy to catch moments randomly as you go about your day. Otherwise I have to put in a somewhat concerted effort to watch the DVDs, which isn't always possible.
For the first time ever, I wish I lived in the States. :(
Yayayay! Those reruns on FX are how I was introduced to show. So happy to see eps again without having to walk aaallllll the way over to my DVD shelf.
This is pretty fantastic news! I mean, yeah I already have all of the dvd's and they're getting pretty worn out at this point but there's something about seeing Buffy being aired that's always exciting. I still remember staying up 'til midnight/1 a.m to watch reruns of season 1 on the WB after the show had moved to UPN lol. Good times. I see myself watching a lot more MTV next year. :D
Airing on MTV, the episodes might mobilize an entirely new generation of Buffy fans. Which would be cool. I very much want Buffy to remain a cultural phenomenon (which is happening), and stuff like this helps :).
Maybe now I'll be able to actually watch my DVDs instead of loaning them to all of my friends...
It'll be nice to have Buffy back on the tube.
Awesome!! I don't care if MTV is just following the recent vamp craze (and I wish they would actually only pass music videos), or that I have all the dvd's, it's gonna be great to catch some btvs on tv. I can't count how many times I watched it all the way through on FX till they took it off last year.

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Logo is an interesting choice. (I forget, what's the other LGBTIQIQA channel? Logo was the first one right?) I remember hearing that they were pretty much the first network to jump right on Wonderfalls even if the lesbian sister on that series was a very very minor subplot.
Then again, I suppose it might have the same appeal of Xena where it's sufficiently slightly campy and maudlin for gay fans while even beyond Willow in the latter half of the series there's attractive women in the cast.

As for MTV... I have no idea whatsoever if that channel is culturally relevant anymore at the moment beyond people still making fun of My Sweet 16 (right?). And the slasher flick they made on that premise. ...But yay?
Alas, Xena is not showing on LOGO or any other channel we can get here in Houston. I'm not a regular watcher, but LOGO doesn't show only "maudlin & campy" stuff. And I'm sure the handsome guys on Buffy will also appeal to many LOGO watchers--both the target audience & the rest of us.

Back to the main issue: I'm really glad that Buffy will be back on TV. Of course I've got all the DVD's; but my Angel collection doesn't prevent me from catching an episode while getting ready for work. (After checking whether the day's forecast includes a hurricane or snow flurries.) Yesterday, I watched Angel feed 20 evil lawyers to Darla & Drusilla; that's a great way to begin the day!

The MTV showings will let the younger generation learn that Twilight isn't the only guide to dating vampires. (I'll bet many of the kids know how to program those newfangled DVR's.)

My bet for scheduling: Marathons might be selected episodes. (Hmmm...what would you select to interest the LOGO or the MTV audiences?) But the regular schedules will start with Season 1, Episode 1 & proceed chronologically to the end. Then begin again...

(Now, if only somebody would start showing Xena.)

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This news makes me all kinds of warm and fuzzy! Even though I own every season on DVD there's just something about watching it on the telly that makes me smile hard. LOGO is a good choice IMHO and I agree with all who said this will be good for the MTV set to realize that all these new vampire shows wouldn't be around if it wasn't for Buffy (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!). Too bad they didn't do this earlier, maybe it would have helped Dollhouse ratings, FOX certainly hasn't done a thing to improve the ratings, shoving Buffy down the throats of the unknowing ones would've (maybe) stirred up some Joss-curiousity.
"Exorcize daily"..."Now!" "with television's wickedest drama." Eat your own words , FX.

orangewaxlion: Cable channels add things for their perceived audience, then find away to fit. I always figured Lifetime, as a network emphasizing the female audience, would be an unlikely palce for a detective show. But then they carried Spencer. I told my then-wife, "Well the scripts always stressed how emotionally sensitive he is, and his grilfriend is a very strong character," and she replied, simply, "Robert Urich is of interest to women."

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