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December 10 2009

(SPOILER) Five clips from this Friday's episodes of Dollhouse. "Meet Jane Doe" and "A Love Supreme" look like they will be top-notch viewing.

Oh how I want to watch them. But after watching the 5 clips that preceded "Vows" and realizing how much of the episode it gave away, I reluctantly can't click on the link. OK, I did, and saw the very first bit, but that's as far as I can go. Torture because it looked awesome.
I am mainly all about the end of the second clip.
I am mainly about the evolution of Echo, all the markers laid down in the first season are starting to pay off.
Wow, nice clips. This is gonna get interesting. :-)
And it's nice to see that Love that.
Thank you thank you thank you! So stoked... I was a little disappointed that they are all Echo-centric, but I guess I'd rather get those scenes out of the way if I had a choice. And that being said, they are pretty good scenes for Echo, especially that one with Paul. Really interesting conceptual stuff there, thumbs up from me.
I like them, alot. Random, but the background music in the scene where she's in a cell like thing felt very Twin Peak-esque.
Yeah, these clips come across as being very bizzare out of context. I can only imagine how someone not actively watching the show would react to them.
Never mess with John Coltrane.
Word. Echo's burgeoning self-awareness for the win!
Wow the episodes look amazing can't wait!
Very cool and unexpected to hear the David Lynch music during one of those clips.
That was great up until YouTube decided to stop working. Thanks YouTube!

I do enjoy how News Corp. purchased it and now and now bandwidth and availability seem optional.
News Corp don't own Youtube..
Rossum does.
geez. i almost wish i hadn't watched them. gonna have some great viewing tomorrow night.
I have dreams about scenes that never happen on TV shows all the time. So it's a little creepy and kind of cool one of them just did!
It feels wrong that Victor's the scary doctor. It's very creepy to see him interrogating Echo. But then again they aren't friends, they just sort of naturally group together in their Doll states. They did escape together that one time with their real personalities but even that was totally engineered by another Doll Adelle was using.

This show just sort of spins the moral compass for fun doesn't it.
It's not Victor interrogating Echo. It's an imprint.
was almost as cute as Echo talking to the car in Instinct.
Heh. I rather suspect Sunfire understands it's an imprint, and that the point was just that the visceral impact of using one doll against the other that way is a discomfort.
Of course, I'm just making the point - albeit badly - that Victor ain't there. Which was probably Sunfire's point. And yours.

Here's a question for you. Are Sierra and Echo friends? 'cos Sierra and Victor are, so I don't know what role that puts Echo in.

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure that music is from Twin Peaks. Either One Eyed Jacks or a Laura/Ronette scene. The passage of time is speeding up a fair bit here, isn't it? And is that the attic?
Which scene do we think has Twin Peaks music, out of interest?
I'm pretty sure they play that song in Twin Peaks when they take James to jail and Bobby and Mike are in the next cell. But it's probably used in a lot of scenes. That's just the one I remember. Could be it's a fill-in track until they get some original music?

Anyway, awesome clips! Echo is so adorable. And I like that she tells Paul that she isn't Caroline.
@gossi The straitjacket/Victor!Doctor/attic? scene.

@Shanshu You're right I think.

Hmmm, druggy/sexy music for the attic scene. Somehow that's so in-keeping with the twisted nature of this show.

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The show has had strains of what seems to be homages to Twin Peaks music in it since the beginning. The guy who cuts the trailers has remarked upon it too.
It's not Victor interrogating Echo. It's an imprint.

My logic knows that but it still is emotionally awful. Moreso because of that awfulness and logic clashing. Hence the moral compass spinning all around.
It's only the best thing I've watched this week...well the best thing since the Glee finale..and Better of Ted was pretty funny....

Okay it's only the best thing that's gonna air on Friday, so of course it's canceled, I mean that just make sense.
Also, maybe a side point, but when it was Dr. Saunders who came up with the fake escape idea, I thought that was brilliant and troubling. When we later find out she's a Doll too, extra layers of both brilliance and discomfort. Similar reaction to Adelle ordering Dr. Saunders to give Dominic in Victor's body an injection even as the first massive clue that she's a Doll arrives. Layers and layers of admiration for Adelle's cold efficiency and awful feelings about the same, every time she uses one Doll to subdue another one.
The song is "Go Get Some" by Blue Bob (david lynch and some other guy) and it's on the Mullholland Drive soundtrack.
Does anyone still think Eliza gets unfair criticism on the show? I think she was great in these scenes.
I thought I could wait to watch the clips, but curiosity got the better of me. Things look to be progressing quite nicely, and I kind of love how the clips all focus on a series of events rather than a few random scenes that don't go together. Eliza's Echo has grown tremendously this year. It feels like we really know her as a character now rather than just a shell for other characters.
I love her telling Paul "I'm Echo." Yes you are! Yay Echo! (And his reluctance, still wanting her to be Caroline).

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