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December 10 2009

(SPOILER) Watch Felicia Day be a teacher. Who sings. It's a clip from Monday fall finale of Lie To Me, which has Felicia all over it.

"But a lie's still a lie even though it's white." lala
Yes. I love this show and I love FD, so this is a double dose of crush.
I was looking forward to this episode just because Felicia said she was going to be in it, now that I know she's going to sing♥ I'm looking forward to it even more :D
Catchy little tune. Looks to be an Episode worth catching.
Cute. I don't watch (almost considered, 'cause Tim Roth on TV is amazing and I didn't wanna miss out again on a potentially House-sized commanding lead), but maybe some day, especially with the showrunner pedigree and all.
Dana5140: "Yes. I love this show and I love FD, so this is a double dose of crush."

Ditto. Great series. Awesome to see Felicia Day on it. Wish it was in a multi-episode capacity. Actually, I wish a major network would give Day a chance to write and produce her own show. She's got the chops for it. Just needs a real sponsor.

Lie To Me is much better than I thought it would be, which from me is high praise. I almost wrote it off at its start cuz it looked like a dorky cross between Law & Order and House but with a quirky gimmick. However the acting is phenomenal (Roth raises the bar and his ensemble can spar w/him like prizefighters its awe-inspiring) and the writing keeps delightfully surprising me. Yes it's formulaic but what television isn't these days? It's definitely risen above its gimmick.

Hopefully Day fans will tune in and stick around even after her visit is over cuz it's a fun hour of TV. Still, looks like she's under-appreciated in this role, though she obviously rises to the occasion. Her harmonies on this piece are adorable and remind me of Suzanne Vega's work w/The Smithereens in the song Lonely Place.
That was pretty adorable. I was a little giddy when I saw the picture though since that assistant guy was awesome on The Middleman.

I sort of assume/hope that this was written with Day in mind? It's just a little too on the nose that she ended up singing again. ^_^
Cool that she's on before the break. I like 'Lie to Me' well enough, it's not top-tier TV but it's a perfectly serviceable procedural. Roth is good value though I sometimes find his performance a bit "busy", lots of hand work (I assume it's a character choice, a sort of misdirection from his face which is the big "tell" on this show but it feels a little bit too mannered sometimes, bit artificial. Course, if he's playing a guy that's doing that deliberately then I guess that could be seen as quite a subtle, layered performance too).

One thing I really like though is that he's a working class Englishman that's a) not a criminal and b) clever. I also like that things aren't always wrapped up in a nice neat moralistic ball (the episode from a few weeks back that would've been called 'GBH' over here shows that really nicely - that felt like a realistic response to me. Not the "right thing to do, what have we all learned" response, a real one).

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