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December 10 2009

Mass Effect 2 voice cast video. Adam Baldwin, Michael Hogan, Seth Green and more announced to be in Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect was an awesome game, and with an even better voice cast than the last one, including Whedon vets like Seth Green, Adam Baldwin and Michael Hogan, as well as fan favorites like Tricia Helfer, Michael Dorn, and Yvonne Strahovski, as well as Martin Sheen, this game looks to be even better than the last one.

The elevator scenes lasted longer than most games :P.
Oh god I know! Longest scenes ever.
But asides from that, it was a wonderful immersive game.
While I preferred the elevator scenes to loading screens, they have assured folks that they have removed the long elevators.
Man, I really want to play Mass Effect. Unfortunately I don't own a console and my PC isn't fast enough. Too bad, because I've played most of Bioware's games in the past, and I've been missing out lately (somewhere since ME1, in fact). Crappy expensive consoles and pc-upgrades ;)
I want a frakin Xbox! ;)

That looks really good. I'm so glad that the world has finally (and by that, I mean within the past few years) decided that voice acting for video games does not have to be thrown to the worst B movie actors they can find. The voices make the characters, and when the acting is flat then the characters are flat. And in a game where characters are important, the game is ruined with bad acting.

Anyway, awesome.
I cannot wait for this game. The first one was amazing.
B list voice actors aren't necessarily bad - I'm playing through Dragon Age: Origins (also Bioware) now, and some of the best acting is from people you've never heard of before this.
Unless you count Claudia Black. Although she may be the most well known of that group.

Considering how much I loved the original, I can't help but be excited for this one. I also love how the creator's seem to be going for voice talent from every cult sci-fi franchise they can get their hands on.

Lets see... Buffy, Firefly, BSG, Star Trek, and the Matrix. I think they may have their bases covered. Maybe get a few Dr. Who, Stargate, and Farscape actors in there and I seriously might go into shock.
Cannot wait for this!!! I've been trying to avoid watching any footage so I can be spoiler free but couldn't resist watching this and it looks amazing!! Just finished playing Dragon Age and it was fantastic but ME is my all time favorite game.

Bioware always does a great job with the voice acting actors and Dragon Age had some big name actors but even the unknowns did a fantastic job as well.

Okay, now I want to go and play ME again before ME2 comes out!!
Sean Pertwee is my favourite actor for voice overs in video games. He has a fantastic voice.
I didn't think it was possible for me to be anymore excited! Not that I'm surprised at all; Bioware always goes above and beyond in the voice-acting department.

It would take me pages to describe all the things I love about the first Mass Effect game. I even thought about writing my senior thesis on it.

ME made me feel and think moreso than any game I've ever played. Almost every dialogue option felt like an important choice which could affect the outcome of the game. I remember sitting there for maybe 20 minutes trying to work out what I should do with the Rachni Queen (Ender's Game anyone?) and which of comrades to save.
Yeah haarp. Choices carry over to ME2 aswell so Ive been replaying the first to get everything right and dunno who to save.

I think Jayne should be a squadmate.
It's because of developers like Bioware (and Naughty Dog) that I keep playing video games into my near 30-something years. Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, ME1... I simply love it when a developer takes a game into that very special story-telling place.
Got you beat Carmie - I'm 45 & my husband will be 48 in a couple of months!

But yes, Bioware & Naughty Dog do just amazing things with their games. They have the complete package of great stories, great gameplay and great characters!

And Hearpe, I too took a lot of time trying to decide what decisions to make my first playthrough as a good guy. It was much easier playing as the renegade when I played through again (and actually some of things said as the renegade were quite funny). But some of the results of what happened I didn't like - Rex!! (damn you Ashley)!!
Yay, Strahotski! Wonder if they let her keep her accent :)
Really looking forward to this. I picked up Bioware's latest (Dragon Age) the other week. A dozen hours in, and I've only seen 25% of the world. Really, really fun, and sooo much content. I swear I only have time to play such an in depth game once a year, but it's worth it. With that, Mass Effect, and KotOR, I'm quickly becoming quite the fan of Bioware. :)

(Except now knowing Adam Baldwin's in it is making me imagine a 'verse-themed RPG from them. Would be so. awesome. And, really, a perfect way to continue telling the story... [one can only dream])
Make sure to check out the voice cast trailer. Adam Baldwin even makes a Serenity reference (after 3:18, "... a world not unlike Blade Runner meets Serenity...").

Directions: On the Mass Effect website, go to "Media" - "Videos" and look for the video labelled "Stars".

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