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December 10 2009

Would Vincent Kartheiser make a good Riddler? MTV seem to think so.

Whoa, that is an excellent idea.
I like it too but the other actors, Casey Afleck or David Tennent would be excellent as well. The problem for me is that the Riddler is a 2nd string Joker. When the Joker isn't there, get the Riddler. I kind of wish the producers would grow a pair and hire someone else to play the Joker. I'm sorry about Mr. Ledger but the show must go on.
Actually, the Riddler is very different than the Joker.

The only casting choice I agree with here is PAUL BETTANY.

I always thought Robin Williams would be a perfect Riddler.
Actually, I would've thought Neil Patrick Harris would make a good Riddler.
Ohh I never would have thought of NPH but it's brilliant. Also Robin Williams is always win.

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