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December 10 2009

TWoP's Most Valuable Performers of 2009. Which doll do you think made their list? Take a wild guess...

And he deserves it!

Simon also made it for "The Big Bang Theory"
Seriously, he deserves it. Just... VicTopher. Brilliant.
I know! So happy that America is finally nearing the realm of possibly getting closer to almost being able to pronounce his name.
Enver has been amazing on the show, and I think the show has been amazing for Enver. What a showreel that guy now has.
Every time I see Enver, I'm more and more impressed. His last performance had me stopping in the middle of the episode to contact my friends to urge them to drop what they were doing to watch him. So much love.
That Topher impression was amazing.

Also glad to see Misha Collins on that list. He's fantastic.
Well deserved, I think he's going to be a big star in years to come.
Terrific. I've been saying recently that if in ten years he's not a star on the level of Robert Downey, Jr. or Johnny Depp, just in terms of versatility, it'll be a damn shame.
Pretty good list in general.

Most/all of the 'Dollhouse' cast are great, a few are brilliant but yep Enver has been the stand-out "new discovery" of the show for me. Everything he plays feels real and looks effortless (i'm sure he works hard and it's probably not effortless but it looks it). Enver as Lubov was good, Enver as Dominick was great but Enver as [serial killer] Terry, Kiki and Topher was just in orbit. Not so much an impression of Topher IMO, more channelling Fran Kranz playing him. Almost makes you believe the technology's real ;).

Of the rest, I probably most enjoy Courtney B. Vance as Wedeck since it's a small-ish part that he makes bigger but of the characters/shows i've seen on the list, I don't have any arguments with their choices (the thing I love most about Jeffster! is, in another show the apparent losers Jeff and Lester would actually turn out to be brilliant musicians and the characters would be redeemed and cast in a new light. But in 'Chuck' they don't need to be brilliant, they're just having a great time doing it and their friends enjoy their enjoyment. Unlike a lot of shows that purport to celebrate the marginalised or the geeky this show knows that it's not about being a winner or a loser, it's about how you play the game ;).

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That's pretty much a no brainer, but great to see the recognition. With the stellar DH cast, it would be a tough pick, if Enver wasn't just so jaw-droppingly brilliant.

Nice to see Grace Park getting some recognition for BSG, but IMO, Katee Sackhoff is BSG's MVP. And that's a really tough call.

I don't think there's a single other show I watch, on this list.

ETA: Actually there is - Flash Forward. Not sure I agree with their pick. It's a little early, but I'm really loving Dominic Mongahan as a bad guy.

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Don't agree with John Lithgow and only because you can pretty much take your pick of the regular supporting cast on Dexter and find a less known actor/actress who has done a brilliant job and ultimately added more to the show. Jennifer Carpenter, David Zayas, Lauren Velez, C.S. Lee, not to mention Julie Benz all fantastic.

Enver is a no-brainer. I think he's clearly caught the attention of the writers enough that they're dreaming up things specifically for him. Plot-wise, it really wasn't all that necessary, so I believe the stint as Topher was created because they simply wanted to see Enver doing it. And how could you not?
Has Lithgow played any roles similar to this one? His performance stands out to me if only because I've never seen him in this type of role and he's supremely creepy.

Love Enver! He's totally deserving. He gets better with every episode. I'm a big fan of Eliza, but I find myself consistently more impressed and enamored of other members of the cast (Enver, Fran, Olivia, Dichen, etc).

And I'd agree with what someone else said about Mongahan as the bad guy on FlashForward standing out a bit more than Vance.
Has Lithgow played any roles similar to this one?

Raising Cain, 1992.
BringItOn, it could have been done to show, again, how tempting it is to use the Tech to put a real person in a Doll body. Once you start doing that, for one little mission here, another mission there, then you will end up keeping those bodies and their rightful owners end up left on the shelf forever. It's showing how they are starting to use the tech more and more and leading down the path towards wanting to keep them.

It would be interesting if they said that a brain dead coma patient could be given an imprint and live happily ever after. That's about the only morally justifiable source for bodies I can think of, if it worked.
Congrats to Enver, very well deserved. I enjoyed the list, though some of the shows I haven't seen so can't really comment on them. But glad to see Jeffster! getting some love, as well as Danny Pudi (who really makes Community) and Ed Helms (who has been a superstar since he was on the Daily Show).

I also checked out their most memorable moments of 2009 photo gallery when I was on the page, some good moments from some of our favorite shows (and a specific Whedon one) on there, has anyone front paged it yet?
Enver is so brilliant in every person he becomes. It is such a treat to watch him work and huge huge huge props for his Topher, that was amazing work! Definitely looking forward to watching that on Dollhouse season 2 dvds for years to come. :)
Happy Enver is getting props. Every part he plays just seems effortless!

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