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December 10 2009

BuddyTV 's Best Ships of 2009. 3 guesses which pair came it at #15...

NPH, Nathan, and David are all on the list also for their non-Whedon roles.

Don't forget the girls! Julie Benz and Christina Hendricks made the list as well

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Personally I'm a big fan of #17 as well.
Heh, my buddy hates that Bones has gotten all 'shippy with the two lead characters (I'm not a regular viewer, only watch it with him occasionally, but it seemed like it always had a playful flirtation of sorts, not just in this most recent season). I dunno what to think of it. Predictable ? But two partners in a business relationship finally kissing/admitting feelings doesn't always spell death for a show.

The only thing I'm worried about with Victor/Sierra is that Joss, Jed, and Maurissa might write something into the finale that isn't as strong as it could've been had we had another season or two to get to know them as either developing dolls, or seeing more of their original selves (well, nevermind that with Sierra, "Belonging" accomplished that pretty well, though I wouldn't mind seeing more of Priya's life before she was a victim. Unless Priya isn't the point of the Sierra story anymore, not after seemingly choosing to re-doll herself).
What is with the picture for #5? They look scary.
After seeing this on twitter, I'm still in shock that Alison and Joe from Medium aren't even on the list. Their relationship, both with each other and with their daughters, is the most realistic and touching portrayal of a husband-and-wife/family relationship I've ever seen on TV. It's the main reason I watch the show.

But it's nice that so many Whedonites were picked, shows what good actors they are.
Very happy to see Sierra and Victor make the list, but truthfully I was quite ecstatic to see Booth and Bones as number 1! Some people hate that relationship, some people are annoyed at the slow pace of the relationship; but I think it's cute, real and makes me squeal like a little girl again...

Good choice in my opinion, good choice.

Way to go David for being fully awesome! :O His acting has improved so much sense the times of Angel(even though that was good too), he deserves the credit and thumbs up for playing such a great character and making me squeal when Booth gives Brennan those looks.
Well done David, well done indeed.
Much more into Castle and Beckett. I've never been a fan of DB and find Bones boooring.
Love the Victor/Sierra surprise!

Seeing Adama and Roslin on the list, made me happiest of all.
Nice list and all but where was Kish? ;-)

I know, I know that it's "One Life To Live" but Kyle is Matt from Dollhouse eps 1 and 7 so there is a link.

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Number 15? They deserved to be higher than that. Will and Emma at 2? Really? Will just grates on me.
Ohh see I was happy that will and emma made the list. Will is a little graty but I blame all of his bad decisions on his ridiculous wife. So it can only be smooth sailing from now on. Also, robin and barney are perfect they are best friends that know exactly how they feel about each other but also know that niether of them are ready for that kind of commitment.
While I see the sweetness in Victor/Sierra and like both characters and actors, I can't really get invested in their relationship, possibly because who they are is so ambiguous (are we rooting for Preya and RealVictor or Sierra and Victor? Or the more self-aware dolls they may be becoming) or because my cynical heart finds the whole 'remembering they love each other while they can't even remember their names' thing a bit too romancey (it's a word!). Or maybe it's just because of the cancellation. I like the recognition though.

PS Barney and Robin warm the cockles of my heart. If they don't get back together in the show (and I can see the reasons for that not happening) I'm hoping for a postscript in the final episode where they do.
Nice list, I would have liked to see Veronica and Logan (Veronica Mars), though.

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