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December 10 2009

The Canadian Press names BtVS among best shows of the decade. "From the stark soundscape of 'The Body' to the exuberant musical numbers of 'Once More, With Feeling,' 'Buffy' was one of the few shows to willingly play with form while establishing a female heroine who was sexy, smart, funny and strong."

The series ran from 1997 to 2003. So, technically this is still right, but it's a shame no one named BtVS among the best shows of the 1990s ten years ago, when it woulda meant more.

A couple hundred years from now, BtVS will be remembered from an historical standpoint as a breakthrough series that inspired other artists and writers and helped set the tone for episodic drama for this millenium. BtVS is significant just as The Honeymooners, The Fugitive, and The Twilight Zone each did their own thing to help shape the medium. That won't take season eight off the comic book page and put it back on the boob toob where I still believe it belongs.

but I won't blame Canada.
This is a great list! But missing Battlestar Galactica...
What can I say. We Canadians are awesome.

Also glad to see The Office (UK) on there, which hasn't gotten quite as much love on these top ten lists as I would like. And Arrested Development which has. And it's great that Buffy is being recognized for it's aughts years; most websites have been casually dismissive of them in the "Buffy's best years were behind it" vein, with which I don't really agree. (Not to diss the 90's years.)

I don't really agree with many of their selections (particularly Lost), and the list is missing some other greats (Mad Men and Deadwood, anyone?) but it's cool anyway.
No Firefly? :(

Kudos to them for Buffy though.
It's very upfront about being a collaboration on a favorites list, arguably more subjective than if they were going for a solid "Best Of" list, trying to figure out which show was the most critically, commercially, and fan/viewership-friendly. So I'll forgive the exclusion of Six Feet Under. Although I guess that wasn't enough of a favorite among enough of the Canadian Press to qualify.
Hang on, aren't "top shows of the decade" and "favourite shows of the decade" two different things?
Yay two of my favourite shows are on there - Buffy & Veronica Mars, but I'm shocked that 24 isn't on there.
Hang on, aren't "top shows of the decade" and "favourite shows of the decade" two different things?

Arguably yeah but in general if the headline is contradicted by the body of the article then go with the body of the article (headlines aren't usually written by the credited journalist(s)). And the body says "their favourites". In fact, the body says "a list of 10 of their favourites" which, strictly speaking, means this may not even be their top 10 favourites, could be any 10 of a long list of favourites.

This is why we should all speak in some sort of formal notation. I nominate 'Z' because of all the formal notations, it's by far the only one I once knew and have spent 20 years trying to forget.
Buffy, Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls in one list? I agree. :)
Best show ever. I mean Buffy, of course.
My local newspaper :)
Years are real, decades are a fiction, but kudos are kudos.

But just because a dramatic show has comic relief, wit even in its regular dialogue, and an occasional outright comedy episode doesn't make it a dramedy.

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They started of great with "Arrested Development" and then they definitely had me at "Buffy". After that the list could only go downhill, but I was also glad to see "Gilmore Girls" and "Veronica Mars" included. I also like "Friday Night Lights", but I don't think it is that good, and I might have swapped "The Office" for "Extras". The other shows I never watched to the end, none of them were quite my thing, except the Wire which I never watched to begin with (so that one still could prove to be).

I would certainly have included "The West Wing".

And maybe also: "Futurama", "Friends", "Coupling", "Black Books", "Six Feet Under", "Dexter" or "Death Note" (which I have just started watching, first anime in a long time, like Dexter it has it's faults, but it's also extremely addicting).
Things that receive accolades at the time are rarely enduring masterpieces. Be glad to see Buffy making lists now that it never made when it was on the air--it actually means more, not less.
Is it bad that the happiness I experience from seeing favorites like BtVS, Veronica Mars and Arrested Development on this (or any) list is immediately replaced by the sadness I feel from realizing no other show on the air comes close to matching them? I do love Lost, 30 Rock and Curb Your Enthusiasm (was an honorable mention) but not at the same level I loved the former three (due to age and life experience I don't think I'll ever love a show like I loved Buffy).

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