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December 10 2009

James Marsters stars in tonight's Radio 4 play "Then We Came to the End". He plays "The Voice". Reed Diamond of Dollhouse fame also appears in it. The play will be on at 9pm, listen to it live here.

If you can't get a chance to listen to it as it's broadcast, well someone sent us an email to say that "Listeners in America (and presumably the rest of the world) can hear it on the BBC iPlayer ( any time from Dec 11 - Dec 17".

Oh cool. I'll be iPlayering it myself (out tonight).

Liked the sound of the book well enough to buy it over a year ago but not quite well enough to have actually read it yet. People will try to tell you this is maniac behaviour. Do not listen to those "people", they are alien invaders from the dimension Wrong.

And you're welcome BTW, Rest of the World, we probably still owe you cos of the whole "imperial conquering" thing anyway.
I'm listening.

It's great!
Edit: It now works :/
But am enjoying James' voice in my ears as I read fanfic.

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I rather enjoyed it - not world-shattering drama but good Radio 4 Friday evening stuff. And the voice of James is always good to have.
I'm listening now, and one of the other voices sounds familiar. I'm right - it's Castle's mom!
What a great way to start my day, listening to James. Dang and I can not download it..

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