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December 11 2009

Not A Doll - a new site. WhyIWatch has created another Dollhouse influenced site. If you still need to buy Christmas cards and presents there are many items for sale. Plus ALL proceeds go to charity. Read about the real life issues that Dollhouse highlights and see how you can assist.

Brilliant site. WhyIWatch is really something else, isn't she? :)

And I think I'll purchase that Perrin poster, and some pins. Maybe I'll get that Rossum poster too. Cool art and a great inspiring Dollhouse quote on it.
Yep, this is really awesome.
I'd totally want a I Poo You Not t-shirt if it were black.
This is great. Using the show to raise awareness is awesome, and fills (a little bit) that need to address the issues behind the show that got short shrift.

However, the story "the Little Princesses" is in desperate need of a rewrite, I'm afraid... I'm aiming at constructive criticism, here, and I know how hard it is to rewrite fairy tales since I've tried it myself, without much success. The story really could use a reworking, though, and does it have to be about a boy? I mean, I know it's not his fault, but still...
I <3 the Sleeping Beauty Had to Rescue Herself essay. I'm wearing the tee shirt right now!

ETA Would anyone else pay top dollar to hear (or read) the stories Joss tells the Whedonkind at night? I definitely would.

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Ooooh. I have to have some of those t-shirts.

Double giftiness! T's for friends and a little money for a great charity.
whyiwatch is a fandom, charitable & graphics goddess. Natch, I want some Rossum Christmas cards. (Do they have the Rossum logo on the back or inside somewheres? 'Cause I so wants them to, I do.) Equality Now has gained another great friend.

I would love fairytale mp3-on-tape read by Joss Whedon. Written by him would be optimal, for sure, but I'd settle for anything just read by him, too. He has a nice voice with buckets of expression, and I would wrap an afghan (the knitted kind, not one of the alive kinds) around me (and my Mr. QuoterGal) and we would fall asleep gently, even if the tale was horrendusly upsetting. We might even snore a bit.

This is now what I want for Christmas.

BTW, Happy Chanukah, for those of you so inclined. I must remember to light the Chanukah gimel. Have I got that right? ; >
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