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December 11 2009

Firefly tops brilliant-but-cancelled decade list. Alan Sepinwall names Firefly at the top of his "brilliant-but-cancelled" list in his decade roundup.

Other Whedon-related shows spread across his various lists, though none others by the man himself.

It better. And glad to see Undeclared but I have to ask, where's Arrested Development and Veronica Mars? Plus, since it only got 3 months in 1999 and the rest of its run was in the aughts, I say Angel should be on this list too!

Oh, I just reread the intro and see that he may have limited his list to shows that got 2 seasons or less.
I'm glad Firefly and Andy Richter made the list. Arrested Development and Veronica Mars made the best comedy and best drama lists, respectively (yay!).

Is he still going to do a best episodes list like he mentioned before? Buffy and Angel might make that one.
Missing: Miracles, The Inside, Wonderfalls and - possibly, though we never really got the chance to see how good it was - Drive. But definately Miracles. It would probably be my #2 (behind Firefly, of course). Never was the old cliché 'it's like we make a small movie every week' more true. Would've loved to see more.

Also: I'm probably a bad nerd, but I didn't even know Apatow had another quickly canceled tv-show. Must check it out some day (but 'Freaks and Geeks' shall come first, as I haven't seen that either).
As much as I agree with Firefly, I can't support this list if it doesn't have Arrested Development. That show was utter brilliance.
NimNams, I think the list was only two seasons or less. AD is brilliant. Fuller shows are missing.
It looks like he avoided repeats so no show makes more than one list. Arrested Development is on the best comedies list; Veronica Mars is under best dramas.
I haven't seen any of those except Firefly, but a few of them sound pretty good and I'll put them on my to-watch list.

I would include Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies.
"Better off Ted" is a lot of fun. Sad to hear it has bad ratings. On the other hand "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" does sound good too. Got to try to get my hand on that.
GVH, you definitely should check out Undeclared as it is hilarious, after of course Freaks and Geeks, which is fantastic. It is interesting to watch those shows and see where the actors in both series have ended up. One interesting bit, John Francis Daley was on Freaks and Carla Gallo was on Undeclared and now both are on Bones and in a relationship with each other (on the show).

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