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December 11 2009

(SPOILER) Brad Meltzer Buffy Season 8 Interview At MTV Splash Page. Two preview pages for issue 32 as well.

LOVE the Kitty reference. And the "Every month. On every Wednesday" bit was great. Calls back to Buffy's "Dawn's in trouble, must be Tuesday" from OMWF.
I think I've always wanted to see Buffy fly.
Very much enjoyed it!

Especially all the references (Penetra Vision Yay!)

Thanks for posting Buffyfantic. =)
Wow, it's been awhile since we saw a full Xander geek-out isn't it.
Last line: can you phage?? what does that mean?
Maybe it says, "Can you phase?" and the scan just messed up the "s". An appropriate last, seperate guess of Xander's, what with Joss' love of Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde from X-Men (she phases through stuff). I wonder what's up with Buffy's look there, in that last panel of the preview, or if she's just finding Xander's enjoyment of this endearing.

Interesting getting to see a preview in black and white, just the pencil and ink work complete. Been a while.

For a moment I thought Buffy had multiplied Xander into many Xanders.
Sigh. This book has really lost track of itself. If you've been following the Buffyverse Comic Reviews blog, the critic there can do a better job of explaining than I can, but this book needs serious course correction. It doesn't even feel like the show anymore, and I don't just mean because of the budget and the flying. Ugh.
Loved all the comic book hero references, especially Shadowcat, and the "not a power!" and the nod to Wonder Woman.
To catch thieves, just like flies!

So Meltzer wrote the pilot for and created the series Jack and Bobby, but aside from that I don't see any credits added to his IMDB page, maybe he's done more. Was Jack & Bobby any good ? I know it had its fans and detractors, just interested if many Whedon fans watched.
double-post, sorry mods

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