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December 12 2009

What the papers say about last night's episodes of Dollhouse. The A.V. Club reviewer mentions the broadcast problems and gave 'Meet Jane Doe' a B+ and 'A Love Supreme' an A-. iFMagazine said the first part was sometimes "more expository than engrossing". CinemaBlend's recap noted the "definite divide" between the episodes and TV Squad said 'Meet Jane Doe' was "good" and thought the ads during 'A Love Supreme' were somewhat telling.

ah, nuts. I may never use my iPhone again....thanks for the serious thoughts, TV Squad.
Enver's psychiatrist character was Jewish?
why would anybody need an imprint of an Eagle Scout
More likely it wasn't that the imprint was of an Eagle Scout, but that the constructed history of the imprint in question included him being an Eagle Scout.
Kudos to io9 for bothering to give Eliza some props.
The other big star last night was... Eliza Dushku. A lot of people have doubted her ability to carry this series including me, on a few occasions. But now that she's playing a more self-aware version of Echo, she's able to bring a lot more real acting to the table. ... Dushku's talent has never been mimickry or creating different mannerisms she's not an Enver Gjokaj but she's a lot better at handling nuances of emotion. She's always Eliza Dushku, no matter who she's playing, but she's capable of bringing a lot of expressiveness and subtlety. And last night, we saw more of what she can do when she's in her comfort zone.

And the IF Magazine review of "A Love Supreme" is here:
Sweet props to Dushku. She played those hands quite well.

As far as the iPhone mind-wipes go, maybe it's a new app?
io9's review just in:
Just in except for my comment above. ;)
Love the io9 review for its fantastic title, haha. :D
Do you really need a one paragraph wind-up full of IO9's complaints to say, "Eliza did a great job?"

It's a very backhanded compliment.

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I read it as them being honest about the context. If they'd simply said "good job", they'd be getting slammed by people griping at them for not mentioning they'd previously criticized her. Damned if they do and damned if they don't, I guess.
I kind of read it that way too b!x. I guess (and it doesn't matter) I would have preferred them being honest about how they felt now without couching it. And if people call them hypocritical, fine. It comes with the turf of being a commentator. You can't be right all the time.

You're right though, they do it my way and other people get angry.
korkster, You beat me to a "remote imprinting? There's an app for that" joke. Well played.
Well, played but not well crafted, Becca106. I hope AT&T uses your line in one of their new commercial installments of War on Verizon. ;)

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