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December 13 2009

iFanboy highly recommends Astonishing X-Men for X-Mas. 18 minutes and 32 seconds into this special episode of the video podcast, the boys discuss Marvel's Omnibus collection of Joss Whedon's run on the classic characters, calling it "The best the X-Men's been since the 80s', and nothing since then."

A few mentions of Buffy and Firefly as well, suggesting that fans of those works should definitely check this out, regardless of its comic book format.

I'll throw in Grant Morrison's run of New X-Men too. But... the quality is nowhere as consistent as Joss' run, in terms of both art (too many rotating artists to fill-in for Frank Quitely, who is quite brilliant but a tad slow) and writing (Morrison had some interesting ideas... but not all of them translated very well into the story). But, having said that, a lot of the loose threads that Joss picked up on in his run came from Morrison's run, so for that matter, perhaps it's worth checking out.

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Astonishing was a mind-blower, a heart-render and sometimes even a knee-slapper.
I put off reading Astonishing X-Men for the longest time. Loved X-Men as a kid, but I just kind of lost interest, and I didn't really care to delve back in, even if it was Joss.

But then I did. And it really was astonishing. All four chapters built on each other, to a cohesive, coherent whole, and it was kind of epic and personal and funny and poignant.

It crushes me. Every time. Joss always does that. Always. I know I should stop being surprised by how good of a storyteller he is, but my god.

To me, it starts with his approach. The X-Men are people first, with actual names, and super-powered second. Most superhero comics seem to be, "Look at this crazy battle! And the costumes...which may have a person underneath."

Of course, the other half of it is John Cassaday. Every comic I read now, even Buffy, I compare to his art, and I'm always disappointed. It's just so beautiful and detailed and cinematic. I can't wait to see what he does with his Dollhouse ep.

And I'm done. I recently bought the omninbus (after already having the two hardcovers--what can I say, I like giant tomes) and re-read again, so I thought I'd share my love of it.
Well said, patnumbers!
Well I second Wenxina's feeling that they're neglecting Morrison's run (or not if they do get around to it, I can't tell from your sentence).

Though it really did drop off at times, the net good meant way more than whatever less than awesome qualities there were. His first arc alone did basically everything to set up Whedon's take in sheer mindblowingness and basically set up the status quo from which Whedon was working as you point out. Like one of Whedon's best characters (Emma Frost) was more or less created wholly by Morrison even if she'd been around since the 70s or so.
Morrison made Frost's character likable, respectable, and somewhat relatable. Joss gave her some great lines, but I doubt I'd feel the same way about Frost if not for Morrison. And I agree that his first arc was pretty mind-blowing. So was his second arc, which was pretty much an extension of the first one anyway.

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