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December 13 2009

Dr Horrible Commentary soundtrack is coming. An official soundtrack of the addictive Commentary! The Musical is coming our way, maybe before christmas says Dr Horrible's twitter account.

Am I totally out of the loop? Does "Dr. Horrible" itself exist as a hard copy soundtrack yet? If not, it seems to me they should package these two together since they're both relatively short.

In other news, awesome!
xanman, yes, it does, you can buy the dvd plus the soundtrack. now maybe they'll do a new bundle.
Ahh....Ninja Ropes on the drive to work. I can't wait.

Or maybe $10 Solo...
You know what would work? Dollhouse - The Writers Commentary Musical. Just saying.
You know what would work? Dollhouse - The Writers Commentary Musical. Just saying.

That just blew my mind.
I wonder if there'll be new songs. I already listen to Commentary which I ripped to my iPod from the DVD.
When we record for Omega, I'll mention it to Tim, see if I can't get him to belt out a few notes. After that, it's only a matter of time. Be sure to check your iTunes store for "Burning Down The Dollhouse", including such instant classics as:
Fran's Radiohead-style anthem, "I Know What I Know."
Dichen's Feist-like smoldering of "Paper Doll."
Olivia's Beth Gibbons (Portishead) inspired trip-hop-jazz on "Miss Lonely Heart."
Eliza and Tahmoh's harmonizing on their keyboard heavy, Stars-influenced dream-pop, "Treatment (of a Handler's Heart)."
Miracle's folksy double shots, "Three Flowers in a Vase (Kill, Kill, Kill)" and "Gone, Baby Gone."
Alan's glam rock stylings on "We Love You, Now Please Die Badly" and his hidden bonus track, "Death Giggle."
Enver's torch song, "I'll Wait Here For You" and a ballad with Dichen on "Did I Fall Asleep (In Your Arms)?"
Also includes Eliza's haunting, piano solos, "(I'm Not) Broken" and "Who Am I This Time?" as well as her Duet with herself on "Echo In My Head."
kungfubear: You have made my day sir. Many thanks! :)
Hilarious, KungFuBear, and I hope Tim Minear gets in the "Omega"-commenting mood. :D
I would love "Cancellation: The Musical"

Nathan and Eliza can do a duet, and Joss can provide backup.

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kungfubear, thanks for that. :) Hi-larious.

Can't wait for Commentary!

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