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December 13 2009

Echo Simplified (by Windows 7). Scarred by the previous ad? Well you'll know what to expect then.

Well that clarifies everything.
I await with the next ad with great anticipation.

Exploitation Simplified (by Windows 7)
Cancellation simplified by Windows 7!
I really hope there aren't more of them in the pipeline. I'd consider it an early Christmas gift from FOX if there aren't.
Wal-Mart advert before reminded me of a holiday to Disney World I went on last year. I must have watched a lot of American TV. I also have vivid memories of a scary Wendy's advert.

Also, wouldn't that be Caroline simplified (by Windows 7) ?
Please, NO MORE OF THESE FOR THE LOVE OF WHEDON! I swear, FOX is freaking sadistic. Simplifying a show that is supposed to evoke thought and emotion should be illegal.
Oh ABC, I want one of these for LOST.
YES! Windows 7 we have your next great ad campaign idea, "LOST Simplified (by Windows 7)" XD
LOST simplified: First they were off the island, now they're on the island.
I would be ok with it as long as they actually got the facts right, but instead they just slap on any words like they don't know their definitions. It's obvious that whoever is doing the ads doesn't actually watch Dollhouse and just read the plot summary.

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What better way to say "this show is incomprehensible" than to make cliff's notes for a tv show? Wow do i hate fox.
I have to say it is less rampantly offensive than the first ad. Although that margin is pretty slim.

But it really hasn't been done by anyone that loves their job has it? I think if I felt that jaded I'd get a new career.
Why did I have to watch a commercial in order to watch that commercial?
These commercials alone make me glad I bought a Mac.
"I'm a PC and I wanted to be able to subjugate women without hassle, so I told Microsoft and now we have Windows 7. I'm a PC and human trafficking was my idea."
Where's the blue screen of death when you need it?
oooooh, I hope these are on the dvd....
They're so dumb, and quick, they kind of make me laugh.
I dunno, I didn't really get the show until they simplified it for me. Oooooh, it's about sexy dolls, nooow I see. This one clears up a lot as well. Wait, how many people is she? I forget. Okay, so it's more than one, aaah. Much better. In fact, I'm so thankful I'd better go purchase a PC, be back in a few.
Doubly evil because it got me to watch a Wal-Mart ad before and...yeah, that's really messed up that there's an ad for an ad.
On the one hand, I kind of appreciate what they're trying to do here, in building a potential audience for a complex show.

On the other hand, these summaries are ridiculously inadequate and borderline-offensive to fans who already get the plot.

On the other hand, they do contain (just barely) enough in the way of resources for someone who hasn't watched "Dollhouse" before to be able to grok the general plot.

On the other hand, couldn't they have aired these BEFORE they announced that they weren't picking up the show?

On the other hand...TRADITION!!!!!
Wow. That's... many hands.

So much so that my normal grammars have collapsed trying to handle them.

I refuse to watch these. On the other hand, reading the reactions is entertainment enough.
Totally nails it as far as I can see though admittedly I also haven't watched it.
Hey, BAFfler. Dude. Major kudos there.
What are you guys seeing? It doesn't work here.
I'm glad I got to watch a 31 second commercial to watch a 15 second commercial...again. When will I learn?

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