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December 14 2009

Felicia Day interview about The Guild, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse. She (and fellow Guild cast members) talk about the upcoming The Guild comic book, the possibility of more seasons of The Guild and Legend Of Neil and a painful incident while filming Dollhouse.

Any spoilers for Dollhouse or The Guild (I haven't watched all of the new season of The Guild yet)?
nope, it's intentionally spoiler free. Well maybe minorly spoilerish for The Guild, but I've never seen it so I don't know what you would consider spoilers for that.

Maybe someone else should answer you. LOL
The only spoiler-ish thing I saw was a mention of who guest-starred in The Guild season 3. But if you've seen the first episode of S3 you already know that.
Well it's a little bit (though vaguely) spoilerish for The Guild finale.

I didn't know The Guild comic would be a three parter. It'll be interesting to see how that does.
Minor spoiler as to the Dollhouse finale casting. Sad to hear Eliza broke her elbow in the finale filming...
It's pretty spoilerish for the very last bit in The Guild's Season 3 finale, it's easy to read into.

Glad The Legend of Neil will probably get a third and final season (nice that Sandeep has always had an ending in mind and saw it as a trilogy).

Thought The Guild's comic book was only a one-shot too, nice that it's 3 issues. Really liked the art in the preview. Or was it a MySpaceDarkHorsePresents exclusive? Only time you get to see their in-game characters, outside of the opening credits of the web series and them dressing up for them for the music video and this year's Halloween special.
Thanks. Guess I'll have to catch up watching the Guild so I can read this interview. ;-)

The Legend of Neil is hilarious. Exciting that it'll get a third season.

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