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December 14 2009

Things I Am Grateful For. A heartwarming, spleenpiercing holiday happy list from one of America's pre-eminent procrastinators.

Gentle Readers,

As the season of buying-scarves-for-relatives-you-don’t-know-that-well-because-of-religion descends upon us, I like to take a moment to reflect on the things that have truly made me happy this year. I’ll skip my family, since you don’t know them (but sidebar: awesome!) and share a few of the things that have helped me remember why I don’t spend every minute in a spiral of rage and despair. Instead, it’s a tingly combo of jealousy and joy. In no particular order:

1) A Serious Man. “I haven’t done anything.” This movie is both totally universal and clearly made by the Coens for a target audience of the Coens. It shreds basic narrative templates while being more emotionally connecting than the most cynical crowd-pleaser could dream of. Are we not all God’s fools? And don’t we all have a relative we suspect is a Dybbuk?
2) LXG: the trailer. (Link’d!) They were insane on “So You Think you Can Dance”, but it’s the trailer for their web series that makes the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers my favorite part of 2010. I’m frantic. I want a shirt. Guys, build a shirt!
3) Dombey and Son. A second reading shows that Dickens is not only more talented and hilarious than I’d remembered, but unbelievably morbid. Next to him, I’m… who’s not morbid? I’m that guy.
4) Glee, particularly the first-order finale. So many pay-offs, so many set-ups, and show-stopper after show-stopper. And just when you think they can’t rock any more show choir cred, out comes the Streisand. I’m actually more nervous about directing the show than I was to begin with. Absolute cool. (And, let’s just say it… Brittany. The duck is in the hat!)
5) The Godzilla fight from “Crank II: High Voltage.” Even though I enjoy the Statham oeuvre, I can’t think of a single person I could recommend this tawdry, misogynist hurt-fest to. In fact, if I found out I had a friend that liked it, I would probably back away slowly and avoid eye-contact. But then, when they reach the power plant: cinematic glory. Sometimes, if you go far enough over the top… you can see my house from here. (Yeah, I don’t know what that means either.)
6) “From Eden With love”, Eden Espinoza’s cabaret show at Feinstein’s. If this doesn’t continue, or come out as an album or a DVD, I shall become irate. And possibly slightly stalky. A stunning voice and presence, a totally unpredictable set list, and hauntingly beautiful arrangements. I cried. Other people, much less fey than myself, cried. This much talent in this small a room can solve the mysteries of life.
7) The Watkins Family hour at Largo. Speaking of small rooms and great talent… Hearing Sean and Sara Watkins (2/3rds of the band Nickel Creek) banter and goof in that little club in West Hollywood is adorable. Hearing them play is something else entirely. Bluegrass hasn’t been this riveting since Grisman and Garcia started hanging out, and Sara is way cuter than both of them.
8) “The Mold of Yancy” by Phillip K. Dick. A blistering critique of our current politics/entertainment/technology, written 54 years ago. Somebody should make some of his stuff into movies! Really. (Also, the Man-Made-of-Hashish run in “Scanner Darkly” is as hilarious as anything written, all the more so for appearing in a very dark sci-fi noir. Honorable mention.)
9) “An Immigrant’s Tale” from SNL. I’ve watched it dozens of times. It’s so tightly written, and Justin Timberlake nails every syllable. Flawless sketch comedy. (Honorable mention here has to go to the somewhat older “Gardening Tips From a Man Very Afraid of Plants”. The entire sketch is structured around the idea of making Christopher Walken say “googly eyes” as often as possible. Which is a noble mission indeed.)
10)Tinkerbell, bichez! That’s right. (Everyone I lost at “Streisand” just stopped reading again.) A movie for little kids that’s actually good for little kids. Not frenetic, scary, hyper-cutty, “hip”, heavy-handed, or annoying (Sadly, the sequel, just out, is almost all those things). Just a lovely tale about a girl who likes to build things. When Disney gets it right, they get it the rightest.

And there it is. My list of happy. On this last week of shooting Dollhouse, I can use all the happy I’ve got. I hate the thought of leaving my peeps, and my Eliza, and this uncompromisingly odd world. But I’ll rest up, and hopefully I’ll make someone else’s list in 2010 when I unveil the – oh and we’re out of time. Smoochez! -j.

Right there with you on the Glee finale, personally still a little squeemish on the impending Idina guest-starapalooza. That in mind, thanks for the list of stuff to obsess over, and do know that you made my list in 2009.
Cool list Joss! Still need to see A Serious Man. I loves me some Coen Brothers.
Thanks for spreading the happy, j-man!
Fantastic list. Glee and LXG are both on my list, and I'm definitely looking forward to them in 2010. I can't wait to see what you do with Glee!
Wow, I know almost nothing of this list. Seems like there's something to catch up for me.
You're always on my list. I'm grateful for you always. It hurts to know that Dollhouse wraps this week, but once again, in a series cut too short you have already given us viewers more than most shows on television do for season after pointless season. Do your thing and go out with a bang :)
"A Serious Man" is still in theatres--and me with some use-or-lose leave to use. Feliz listage, Joss! :D
Oh, now I want to see Crank II: High Voltage even more. The first one was so incredibly ridiculous and awesome (my friend piqued my interest by telling me that a car flips onto escalator, and...she was not lying). Have you seen Shoot 'Em Up? Speaking of over-the-top. Highly recommended if you want to see Clive Owen kill a man with a carrot. In the first five minutes. And then several other times.
I hope I won't be banned from the Joss' religion if I never saw nothing in this list.
Well, Dollhouse is undoubtedly on my grateful list this year! Thanks, Joss, for sharing with us.

I know I speak for everyone when I say we can't wait for the next big announcement!

Happy Americanized Pseudo-Religious Holidays!
Who is this j guy and why is he treating this like his personal blog? ;)

Merry happy, Joss!
What are these scarves you speak of? I live in Southern California! (hee-hee) Seeing you write of these things warms the cockleshells of my withering and weary heart. Also, I am buying an IMAX ticket today for Avatar, so that helps also. Hope your Holidays can be at least somewhat restful and reflective.
Never watched So You Think You Can Dance as I hate reality TV as a rule, so I knew nothing of these guys. But the music and visuals already make me wish this was on DVD. Looks amazing! And I still don't really know what it is... :)

I just got myself caught up on the last four episodes of Dollhouse, and even though it's soon ending, I'm thankful for the look into this world. I still stand by my opinion after watching the first episode that given the time this would have been my favorite Whedon show even over Buffy. Which is saying a lot.

Why no one really ever tuned in is beyond me.

Thank you Joss, for you list. I think it's safe to say, we're all pretty much thankful for you. I was just thinking about Dr. Horrible last night and how excited I am for the sequel.


Is it 2010 yet?

(By the way, that was to be read two-thousand ten. Not twenty-ten.)
Happy Holiday's Joss!
But I’ll rest up, and hopefully I’ll make someone else’s list in 2010 when I unveil the – oh and we’re out of time. Smoochez! -j.

So ... it has a veil. Interesting. And now blindingly obvious, it's the long awaited musical remake of "The Bride of Frankenstein". I almost wish Joss hadn't told us.

Happy happy list Big Man. Thanks for posting and thanks for keeping on keeping on.

Off the top of my head my list amounts to:

1) Dollhouse.
2) Still not dead. Yay.

I'm hoping it just needs more thought.
"I hate the thought of leaving my peeps, and my Eliza"

Then don't. have some Faith. :D

Anyway, thanks for all the joy you gave us with Dollhouse; after a rocky start it turned out great. Happy holidays to you!
Thanks for the happy happy, Joss. A very merry to you too! And I was so in love with the Streisand, it's now my ringtone on my cell!

I shamefully admit that my brother and I watched Crank II...and actually had to turn it off...terrible terrible film...but the godzilla bit was kinda funny...other than that...the granny friction was the only other bit that got an awkward 'heh...heh...' WTF with bai ling by the way! i remember her in Angel...sad...

And Joss you're the undisputed top of my 2009 list for having seen that if you weren't before! Missing Dollhouse so much and it hasn't even ended!!
This year I am grateful for

My six month son
Dollhouse for its televisual feast, amazing actors and re-igniting the fandom
Torchwood for proving that the British can do sci-fi tv events like no else
My chicken cacciatore recipe

(To jw, not Simon's chicken cacciatore) (although, yum).

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Totally agree with Glee and can't wait to see your episode.

Happy Holidays!
Six month son, Simon? Is that like a rental thing so you can try it out? Can I find one of those in the states, cause I'd love to give it a go for a few months before I decide to commit... |-)~

Joss, you just made an otherwise mediocre morning into one that is slightly above average. Thank you, sir!
Very nifty list! Some unexpected as well. Turnabout is fair play, Joss, so here is my list as well (mods, I cannot hyperlink to the site, so if you can help...):
What a baffling and entertaining list. Makes me want to go see Tinkerbell! I'm a girl who likes to build things! Except for the building. Plus I'm wayyy too old to be a girl.

Recipe sharing time, Simon?

You're always on my list.

That was sweetly put, MySerenity. (I know you were referring to Joss, not me.) I'm in agreement. (But I would be on my list as well).

I'm also grateful you're not dead, Saje. That time you were away was bad and scary and all wrong. Stay alive!

And I'm grateful for the very idea of chicken cacciatore, even though I don't have a good recipe (la la la, ahem). I'm hungry. Merry happy, Joss and everyonez!
(mods, I cannot hyperlink to the site, so if you can help...):

Seeing as it's nearly Christmas.

Is that like a rental thing so you can try it out?

Bah. Humbug. :p
Grateful for the ones that touch our lives and make them interesting - that includes you Joss!

And to those that may not be here with us - but will sing in our hearts forever (Andy we miss you...).
Things I'm feeling grateful for ATM:

1. Fan Subs
2. NaNoWriMo
3. Self-organizing Systems
4. Dark Chocolate
5. Libraries
6. Creators
7. More Dr. Horrible and future Mutant Enemy adventures.
Is it too late to rewrite my Christmas list? Quick -- all my family members -- forget what I told you to get me. I have 10 much better ideas...
First, gotta agree on Tinkerbell. My 3 year old absolutely adores it.

The news that the second one sucks is kinda depressing, as it is wrapped and waiting....
Oh man. This list is great, but right now I'm kicking myself. I've been a regular attendee at the Watkins Family Hour for years now (just not in the past couple months) and the thought of missing out on being in the audience with Joss has made me extremely sad though also thrilled he was there too. Man. missed opportunities :T.
I still can't believe that DH wraps so soon... it's been an amazing ride. I don't know what I'm going to do without Mutant Enemy on my screen.
Joss Whedon,

Oh I hope you are reading these comments. I kid you not, at 6:30 am (that's 3:30 am to you, j) this morning I awoke from a dream wherein I got to sit and chat with you (it was like 2002 all over again!). When I awoke, I thought, "I must go check Whedonesque!" Oops. I was a few hours early. I'm officially creepy. (As if we didn't realize that was the case a week and a half ago, when I said, "Bennett Halverson is totally TV me!" or maybe further back, like when I first learned to color and only used the black crayon. I'm told they make entire boxes of black crayons now. Le sigh.)

I love your list. Especially the part about "An Immigrant's Tale." Because how delightful is it to hear "He'll bring sexy back! It'll be gone, and he'll bring it back!" in an Irish accent?



You guys are the awesome. I thought it needed to be said.

My list of awesome:
1. The Internet, including (especially!) Whedonesque
2. That person with whom I exchanged vows, because one night when I was feeling miserable he said, "Hey, come watch Buffy with us" and my life has never been the same
3. Pretty hair
4. BEING DONE WITH MY FIRST SEMESTER OF LIBRARY SCHOOL! (They haven't given me the giant book that says VAMPYR on it yet.)


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Thanks for everything, Joss! Dollhouse is definitely going on my 2009 list, thank you for such an incredible show!

Also Glee.
This year I am grateful for

My six month son
Dollhouse for its televisual feast, amazing actors and re-igniting the fandom
Torchwood for proving that the British can do sci-fi tv events like no else
My chicken cacciatore recipe

Congrats Simon! Had no idea that you had kids, but awesome to hear! Cheers!
I have to agree with several of the things on this list. Not that anyone cares, but I am also currently grateful for (in no particular order):

1. The fact that my sister (who is distinctly not a geek) is currently begging me to show her more Firefly and Doctor Who. (I'm so proud.)
2. My unexpected A in French this semester.
3. Skype.
4. Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.
5. Joss, of course. (This requires no clarification or explanation.)
Unemployed at age 49 with two kids in college. This year was sucking pretty hard-core.

Knowing of my love of mocking all things Twlight, my daughter sent a link to me of a youtube video - Buffy vs Edward. It was hysterical! "Buffy" was from the same guy that did the wonderful "Dr. Horrible" thing? I decided to watch it on hulu because...unemployed.

Flash forward to now. I've seen every episode of everything in the Whedonverse (I am also grateful to Craigs List for hooking me up with my addiction cheaply). When my addiction was at its strongest, I was averaging two seasons a week. 2 a week my friend. Almost too much for mortal.

My husband wonders who took over his wife's brain. He doesn't mind a lot as she seems happy. But he wonders.

Thanks for a great year! You gave me a big happy in the middle of a lot of economic icky.
First off, I gotta say I love your inclusion of "An Immigrant's Tale". That has got to be the funniest skit SNL unleashed this entire year (and I'm not biased. Just because I've loved JT since I was 13 does not equal bias...). Also mad props for giving 2/3 of Nickel Creek a shoutout. I didn't know that Sean & Sara were still spreading the bluegrass-y love.

As for my list, I am eternally grateful for one Mr. Joss Whedon. Also instrumental in keeping my sanity are friends, cheesy pop music, Whedonesque, the entire cast & crew of Dollhouse for providing me hours of thought-provoking entertainment, and Twitter for giving me a chance to interact with folks I may never get a chance to meet face-to-face. Oh, and, of course, my job. Being able to (usually) pay bills makes me obscenely happy :)
Awesome to see Joss digging the Watkins siblings (And possibly Chris Thile, too). These three, both collectively and individually, hit that deep emotional place in me with their music that much of Joss's work does. Too bad the Largo is such a long commute from the East Coast.
Wow. Apart from 'Glee' and having knowledge of (and looking forward to) the next Coen brothers outing (which'll reach theatres here in January) and knowing (and owning books by) Dickens and K. Dick, the rest of Joss' list reads like abacadabra to me. LXG? From Eden With love? The Watkins Family hour at Largo? Come again? :). Guess I'll have to fire up trusty old Google to find out what-the-heck :).
Joss just know if you make it, I will be there to watch it. Buffy is the best series ever on TV and Spike the best character ever. Love Dollhouse this season and am sad it will be leaving. Firefly is a DVD that is watched often and can't forget Angel and Dr.Horrible. All have homes here. Thank you for what you do and PLEASE go with someone other than Fox for the next project.
College acceptance + entertaining letter from Joss = best day ever.
Nice use of C2:HV to balance out the Glee and Tinkerbell nods!

I loved Crank 2: High Voltage as well. It reminded me I had not read Hard Boiled in about 15+ years. I appreciate any film that reminds me to re-read Frank Miller books from his unbeatable bionic comic book writer years.
I love you, Joss!!!
Often everything gets on top of you and it's easy to forget the good things we have, so thanks Joss for making me think about all the good there is in my life. Now as punishment for making me think, everyone else has to read my list.

My list of happy-making things this year, in no particular order, consists of:

1. MisFits - seriously, have you seen it? True awesomeness.
2. Being Human - after BBC3's pilot season, it seemed an eternity, not a year until this graced our screens, and it was worth the wait.
3. Waters of Mars - finally, the Doctor back on form.
4. Glee (all of it) - just such utter fun.
5. Dollhouse - nuff said.
6. Torchwood: Children of Earth - this one was one of those marmite things, and even though I think the ending could have been done a lot better, that was 30 minutes out of 5 hours of otherwise outstanding TV.
7. Seeing more of my friends (you know who you are).
8. Watchmen - they may have messed with it a bit, but it was a great adaptation of one of my most beloved comics.
9. My wife (OK so she's a perennial but she still made me happy this year).
10. Getting to see my girls on Christmas Day for the first time in years.
Yeah 'Misfits' is pretty decent, liking it a fair bit. Most of the episodes feel a bit thin on story but it's fresh (for TV). Also, 'bout time we had a sympathetic chav on the box.

Stay alive!

OK then, you've convinced me ;).
I haven't seen Glee yet, but it's still in my DVR, ready to be seen. I am a bit surprised Joss is a fan of the new Tinkerbell movies. They are have given her a new lease on life with a voice and an impetuousness that reminds us of a certain Slayer.
Haven't palnned to see "A Serious Man", but I guess I should. It would be a change from "The Road" and "Precious"...although "Up In The Air" and "Princess and the Frog" are also on my movie to-do list. Avatar hasn't drawn me in yet.

My list

1. Whedonopolis, for making me part of the press, and allowing me to actually interview the original Buffy Kristy Swanson, Amber Benson and Camden Toy, among others
2. Dollhouse
3. Torchwood: Childen of Earth, which better win Best Mini-Series at the Emmys
4. Reconnecting with my family at a park in Santa Cruz last Memorial Day
6. Twitter
7. Santaland Diaries at the Blank Theater
8. Cinematic Titanic Live in S.F. (with a return in six weeks!)
9. my health and my job
10. confidence that things will get better, despite what the media claims

Merry Christmas Mr. Whedon and to your talented family..and to everyone in the Whedon Nation!
Remember, Buffy returns to cable TV in 18 days!

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Yay! Brittany from Glee has some of the most off-beat and funny lines, so it makes me happy that Joss likes her too! I hope the episode he directs has some good Brittany lines that his directing can make even better!
I was busy earlier, Joss, or I would have commented on this:

And there it is. My list of happy. On this last week of shooting Dollhouse, I can use all the happy I’ve got. I hate the thought of leaving my peeps, and my Eliza, and this uncompromisingly odd world.

No, no, no, your actors have a way of returning to you. I'm sure it'll be all good, more karma-enriching togetherness in some fashion. Perhaps you'll even work on a project similarly uncompromising and odd that won't be yanked away so quickly. I hope so and in the meantime:

Fan the sinking flame of hilarity with the wing of friendship; and pass the rosy wine.

We'll be here, waiting to see what occurs.
This morning I was deeply traumatized by the 'Dexter' finale (oh merciful heavens!), but then I come here and Joss has posted to remind me that there are things to be grateful for/happy about.... And mostly I'm happy about Joss, and all those things that Joss has made!
1. knowing I'm getting 13 episodes of Dollhouse!
2. knowing Joss will be working on a Dr. Horrible sequel
3. knowing that eventually I'll get to see 'Cabin in the Woods'
4. knowing that every day I can watch a little Firefly/Serenity
5. following my Big Damn Heroes on twitter and seeing them on various other TV shows.
6. getting to enjoy BtVS comic books, and rewatching Buffy DVDs any time I want.
7. plus getting Angel comics, and enjoying Angel DVDs!
8. getting to expose my family and friends to new and old Whedon creations at Christmas and all year long.
9. all the fandom fun: fan fic, fan videos, and conventions where I can enjoy the love others have for Whedon's work.
10. And visiting Whedonesque where there is always some new news, and occasionally even a note from Joss himself!
A great list from Joss followed by some more great lists and some fascinating comments from whedonesquers - truly, "things to be grateful for". Now I'll go back to listening to Bob Dylan's great Christmas in the Heart.
Stay alive!

OK then, you've convinced me ;).

Well, that was much easier than I expected.
  • Better Off Ted (the only comedy on TV that works for me), Dollhouse (despite it costing me too much money in fan domains while being unemployed), Glee (which had to win me over), and the imminent return of LOST.
  • The increase in dramatic genre web series that either don't suck or are at least pushing to be interesting.
  • Photography, despite watching people who do it better than I do -- or maybe because of them, because they've taught me not to use them as an excuse to stop taking pictures.
  • Discovering that being a year and a half the non-smoker meant I could exercise without hacking up a lung, and therefore discovering that "healthy" does actually feel better.
  • Friends from fandom, even in those times when the fandom when taken as a whole drives me completely batshit.

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It's been a rough couple of years for me personally full of no employment, caretaking of my Mother-in-law with Alzheimers until the end, my Mother dealing with breast cancer, my Dad begining his first steps down Alzheimer Alley and that's just scratching the surface... what has gotten me through each day has been anything and everything that has come from the brain of Joss and everyone and everything connected to the Whedonverse. I begin each day with a visit here and always find something to give me a happy; today's letter from purple Joss has given me such a happy that I'm actually feeling my grinch heart starting to grow and thanks to Joss, I can finally say (and really mean it), Merry Christmas to all of you here, with an extra special Happy New Year to you Mr Whedon and fellow Whedonites! The sadness of the end of Dollhouse is only tolerable because I know as long as the earth spins on it's axis, we will always have Joss Whedon to make this world a better place.

So to sum up: purple prose from Joss equals happiest of happy!

edit because spelling counts!

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Wait, why are we doing end-of-year lists already? There are still a great many things that have yet to happen. Like, um... "It's Complicated" hasn't even opened yet! Actually, no. I saw that at a screening, and it was terrible. You'll love John Krasinski, but the trouble is you have to sit through the whole damn thing to watch his handful of scenes. Yeah... yeah, good list. :)

I saw "A Serious Man" on a whim, literally knowing nothing about it except what I deduced from having seen-but-not-heard the trailer. I left the theater thinking, "That was... what?!" But then I looked it up, read up on it, learned about it, and thought, "Oh, holy crap! You're actually awesome. Who knew." Now, I really need to see it again, because I think it's probably one of the best movies I didn't appreciate the first time around.

Jason Staham annoys me because I feel like he hasn't earned his movie stardom. It's petty, I know, but there it is.

I will have to take your word on "Tinkerbell" because I will never, ever see it. Ever. The one small concession I might make because it appeared on your list is that I might stop talking customers where I work out of buying it. Maybe.

I was literally just yesterday thinking about the Justin Timberlake coming to America sketch. Maybe it was two days ago. The point is, I was recently thinking about it. I love Andy Samberg's description of his unique appeal.

And finally, "Glee." Ah, "Glee." You have to try really hard not to smile while even just saying the word.
Good to hear from you. You probably won't see this email, but I am thankful for you. I am getting pretty disgusted with my satellite tv, so expensive and so little worth watching. I couldn't take it any more so I sat down with my dvds over the last few weeks and just finished watching almost all 7 seasons of Buffy. I really wanted to email you to thank you, but I couldn't find the address. So I am saying it here. I love you and this show, Angel too. Maybe you won't see my thanks, but I just wanted to say it no matter.
I'm also grateful for this trailer.

Cause Sean Pertwee is awesome and Slingers could become my country's answer to Firefly.
I'm grateful for live theatre.
Thanks, Joss. I'm grateful you never gave up on Dollhouse, despite all the hoops you had to jump through, and that we're getting such a big piece of your vision for it despite everything.
I am grateful for finally having a steady job I like in my new(ish) town, that I came to for my new fiance, whom I would not have found without Buffy. Thank you, Joss ;)
This morning I was deeply traumatized by the 'Dexter' finale (oh merciful heavens!)
Yeah... That one really deserves its own thread, doesn't it?

Right now I'm grateful mostly for the holidays coming up, which will finally give me time, among other things to think about what else I'm grateful about.

And now that you mention it Bix... I'm grateful for "Better off Ted"'s return too, great comedy indeed.
(Nota bene: I, too, am skipping family and friends as being a given every year.) Joss my imaginary friend, you and Dollhouse top my list this year. And can I list Enver Gjokaj twice? How about thrice? Next come my Sony PRS-505 ebook reader (My best purchase EVER), Glee, Percy Jackson (which surprised even me!), my Sanskrit group, Robertson Davies, Guy Gavriel Kay (among others), and Legend of the Seeker, Farscape (I just started watching it), Clamp, Fables....
Simon, thanks for the link! Damn, I hope we get to see that in the states. I'd certainly be grateful for a show that looks that good. So... I'm future grateful? *crosses fingers*
Legend of the Seeker

Read the books! The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. So much better! (Though I do enjoy the show quite a bit.)
I would back away from anyone who claimed to like Crank II as well, but dear Lord, it's just about the funnest movie to watch with your friends on bad movie night. Really, try it.

things I've been grateful for, a partial list:

1. My friends and family. Of course.
2. My non-sucky job. Working in a library, even though not yet in an actual librarian-type job, is kinda wonderful.
3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind -- finally saw it on DVD, 5 years late, and it's an absolutely great movie.
4. Living in San Francisco. The city gets more endearing the longer I live here.
5. Coraline, the best movie I saw that came out in theatres this year.
6. Second season of Dollhouse: kind of a miracle.
7. Mark Twain. Huckleberry Finn is one of my favorite novels, ever, so I finally decided to read more Twain and became obsessed. His autobiography, Life on the Mississippi, Puddn'head Wilson, Mark Twain: A Life by Ron Powers were all read in a white heat of obsession -- his autobiography quickly became one of my favorite books as well.
8. YA series. The Hunger Games + sequel, Philip Pullman's Sally Lockhart and Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series were the best mental escapes I had all year.
9. the internets
10. War and Peace by Tolstoy (trans. by Pevear and Volokhonsky). It took me almost 2 months to finish this monster of a novel. Two months in which I read other books on the sly, was occasionally bored out of my mind, sometimes gripped with excitement -- where sometimes I literally had to put the book down to pace in frustration and fervor because I cared about the fate of these characters so much, and they were acting like such idiots, omg. It's kind of the most brilliant thing ever written and the most frustrating too.
I'm grateful for you, Joss! (among other things which I can't be bothered to list right now, since I'm quite tired)
I'm grateful for you giving us Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr Horrible, and Dollhouse. I'm grateful that Dollhouse managed to get a second season!
Have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Mr Jossman!
Read the books! The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. So much better! (Though I do enjoy the show quite a bit.)

I am reading the books, actually. I am on the eighth book. I liked the first 4 and the sixth one, but I have to say that I feel like the series is going downhill. I plan on finishing it, however.

Wow, people have put up a lot of interesting looking things on their lists that I will have to check out.
10. War and Peace by Tolstoy (trans. by Pevear and Volokhonsky). It took me almost 2 months to finish this monster of a novel.

You know there's a movie right ? [/obscure 'Cheers' reference ;)]

Well, that was much easier than I expected.

What can I say, I still have windows to open on my advent calender ;).
Thanks, Joss. There are many things on that list I've never heard of and will now have to look into further. Can't wait
to hear whatever it is you've got to "unveil" for us in 2010 ;)

My list:
1. Employment, even if my job is far from perfect.
2. A wonderful apartment with an even more wonderful boyfriend.
3. All of my friends.
4. Social media, for allowing me to be a huge geek about all my fandoms and meet other geeks just like me =D
5. Various assorted TV things - Dollhouse (for being renewed, which was a miracle, and for being totally amazing), Fringe (for getting better and better every week), How I Met Your Mother (for just making me laugh, which I always need on Mondays).
Eh? My nice post didn't post. I thought it posted before my computer weirdly shut itself down. I can't exactly remember what I said but it was something about me being very "un-Joss-educated" or something unfunny. Something about me not being American so I lack the ability to know about a lot of the stuff as well. I'm obsessed with Glee and the only ones from the list I actually know of, apart from Glee, is Tinkerbell (which is now on my 'to-watch' list) and Crank (which I won't ever watch).

I've attempted to do a list of things I'm thankful a few times before but I'm never sure where the line between personal and nerdy things cross, so I always find them pretty impossible to do. I'll just chuck it out there that I'm still thankful for the existence of Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse! I'm also pretty thankful for Glee making me smile lately.
Gotta love a guy who appreciates the awesomeness of Tinkerbell, and (please, please don't tell my Mum), Streisand.

Merry Seasons, and a warmish New Year!

- ETA: Very thankful for NOVACAINE... Glee Soundtrack, Summer Semester of Ancient Egypt (to keep me from filling my summer-tastic days with sleeping and swimming) and my two-year old Niece, who makes watching things like Tinkerbell, Up, The Princess and the Frog and Fraggle Rock fun again.

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Simon- thank you. And may I say, enjoy your six month son, since it won't be long until he is your 29-year son. :-)

Dottikin- I agree that Hunger Games is astonishing. What a series! And how great are YA novels these days?

I will add kudos for In Treatment, Let the Right One In, The Secrets, Dr. Horrible, Felicia Day in general terms, Joss, my wife and her cooking, my kids (3 of them, with an additional spouse and one to come, and 2 more step-kids, with 3 grand kids). It is a great time to be alive.
I am a Buddhist in the Tibetan tradition, and I finally looked up “our” solstice holiday.

Ngenpa Gu Dzom, or the "Nine Bad Omens" day is the sixth day of the eleventh Tibetan month (Dec 21this year, I think). Supposedly, at the time of the Buddha, a person tried to accomplish many positive deeds, but nine bad things befell him. Buddha advised that on this date each year in the future, it is best not to try to accomplish much good. So to avoid starting anything new, most Tibetans spend this day picnicking and drinking beer.

The next day is Zangpo Chu Dzom, or "Ten Auspicious Omens," On this day, ten wonderful things happened to that same person of the Buddha’s time when he continued trying to do what was constructive. This period, then, is considered very favorable for positive projects. But, in general, Tibetans also take this time for picnics and beer.

So, I didn’t put in for the time off this year, but next year, (Dec 13&14) I will be cooking on the grill, serving beer, and playing croquet. No matter what the weather. No more scarves.
"Then don't. have some Faith. :D"

Who doesn't love a pun? :)

Happy for:
Glee! Listening to it right now. I rocks my world.
Dollhouse. You gotta love Kilo. For cereal.
Winter Break. YES.
Musicals. Spring Awakening, Rent, Dr. Horrible, Assassins, etc.
Joss. Nuff said.

Smoochez! Stay alive!
Maggiore (Not my real name) (Not a girls name either!)

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Many things.

Dollhouse. Mad Men.

The fact that I haven't seen A Serious Man yet and get to soon.

My shiny new girlfriend this year, who loves Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse, and whom I've even managed to get to take a liking to the UK Office, which she didn't love at first. (Still working on other personal favourites like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Dr. Strangelove.)
Well, of things that will be relevant here, I am grateful:
1) That Joss Whedon exists.
2) That he writes, directs and produces stuff that is available to watch.
3) That he finds other writers who also do stuff I'm grateful for.
4) That he employs genius casting directors and is brilliant in this regard himself.
5) That there are lots of other people who feel the same way.
I was glad to see Justin Timberlake on this list. I'm not his typical demographic audience, but I've really been impressed by his acting/singing/dancing on SNL. He takes performance seriously and does a great job (having fun!).
What can I say, I still have windows to open on my advent calender ;).

Damn, I thought it was my superb reasoning. Or my authoritative tone. Or something.

Dottikin- I agree that Hunger Games is astonishing. What a series! And how great are YA novels these days?

Big Yep!
I am reading the books, actually. I am on the eighth book. I liked the first 4 and the sixth one, but I have to say that I feel like the series is going downhill. I plan on finishing it, however.

You're way ahead of me, then. I think I stopped after six.
That LXD trailer was fantastic, thanks for drawing it to my attention. And the Glee finale kicked ass - Lea Michele is a goddess in my book. And thank you kindly for Dollhouse - I can't wait for the inevitably awesome close. Best of luck to you.
*bows to Joss*
Thanks for sharing the LXD link. That looked mighty interesting indeed.
Things I am grateful for.

1) Joss Whedon
2) My kitties
3) My Whedonesque/Twitter/MySpace friends
I'm looking forward to the lifting of the veil in 2010 and (probably futilely) crossing my fingers it's Goners-related.

My grateful list is a little dark so I'll forego harshing everyone's buzz and not share. ;)
My list (besides family and stuff like that):

- Dollhouse.

- SDCC and that I got to meet Guildies and Whedonverse people (including a brief encounter with our Purple Hero). It was a dream come true. One of the best experiences in my life. I will never forget it.

- Felicia Day (Seriously. When I think my fangirl phase will pass, she goes and does something amazing/adorable/awesome and I'm back where I started. She makes my days happier! *and here's hoping she doesn't see this, or I'll be embarrassed*)

- (non-whedonverse related, but...) FINALLY finishing college. The torture is over.
The torture is over.

Well, that torture is over. Now comes the other tortures.
I should'a made a list. I've got a short one based on recent pop-culture happenings. Right now, at this moment, these three things make me happy. I was born at a time where I have gotten to be:

1) Immersed in the worlds of Joss Whedon from the very beginning and up through Dollhouse. Soon Cabin in the Woods, a Dr. Horrible sequel and then ... who knows?

2) Present at the birth of a technology that will change the face of film-making forever. I can still feel, to a large degree, the fan-girl kind of excited about a film opening, and that film is Avatar. Which I will see in an IMAX theatre.

3) Thrilled that Meryl Streep is on the cover of the latest Vanity Fair. She is 60 years old and playing a romantic lead in a new film with Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. This is close on the heels of her uninhibited performance in Mamma Mia. I'm not only glad that she is gut-punching the old Hollywood saw of "women over 40 are non-sexual beings", but that she herself is being showcased and continuing a career that has made her an American national treasure.

Three artists who continue to create, grow, and push their own artistic envelopes to the max. And I am present for all of it. Well, despite all my issues and problems, it makes me inordinately happy.

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I am absolutely in LOVE w/ theLXD so far... I can't wait to see more!!!

also cried w/ the Streisand ... it's one of my favorite movies, my favorite song from it and then Rachel goes and sings it like nobodies business... it made me vera vera happy

p.s. saw Eden in Wicked on Broadway and have been completely stalkerish ever since... need to hear her voice on a daily basis

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In a heartbeart for this year : Dollhouse and Glee

-"Hey, you should really check out this show dollhouse, it's about people that can be programmed ... stuff ..."
-"??? what ???"

-"Hey, you should really check out this show Glee, it's about high school students, and they're in a glee club and sing"
-"Oh yeah like High School Musical"
-"Ok i'm gonna hit you now"

I feel like one dollhouse is brainfood and Glee heartfood, quite the complement
...and I was going to quit watching TV next month. Psssh! As a latecomer to Buffy/Angel/Firefly, I honestly just loved seeing the Mutant Enemy logo and hearing Grr, Arrgh! as the little guy tromped across the screen and knowing it was on others' screens as well at the same time, not just my DVD TV screen. I never got to see that and know it was ON, right now, for everyone else to see and appreciate. Intelligent television viewers will always seek out Joss and others who worked with him, and helped create such uneasy TV. The viewing public will always have a contingency that wants to be challenged by what they view, no matter the medium. Salud, to Joss and Eliza and everyone else who worked so hard to put this lovely messy (I mean that in a GOOD way) television show on the air! We will miss it!
Hm, I know not a single thing on this list. But it's nice to see that Joss has so many things that make him happy. :-)

I do feel slightly pressured into watching Glee now, since I keep hearing/reading so much praise for it. On second thought, though, nah, maybe not.
-Tai, I feel no slight pressure. :) I dunno, maybe it's because I was in musicals as an elementary school kid, but I don't get it. But I am grateful that so many people including Joss and lots of my friends and peeps here love it.
-OT: the one true b!x: congrats on quitting, that's commendable.
-okay, why is Joss still teasing about what he's up to next? Doesn't he know it's the season of "giving"? ;) I kid.
Not too grateful for a lot of what RL has thrown at me this year, so I'll go with the entertainment gratefulness ....

Joss, for your strange and awesome brain.
Dollhouse, product of the above.
The incredibly amazing cast of Dollhouse.
The mind-blowing final eps of BSG.
Mad Men.
HBO, for airing the entire four hours of the rock 'n roll hall of fame anniversary concert .... Stevie Wonder and Sting, U2 and anyone/everyone, Lou Reed with Metallica, Jeff Beck's sublime instrumental Beatles tribute, Bruce Springsteen - pure joy.
Avatar, and it's not even here yet.
Whedonesque, cause smart and funny and articulate and creative and thought provoking - not that easy to find. ;)
This season, I have mostly been grateful for:

Dollhouse. Clever, funny, and the rest.
Years of Refusal. A new album from the only other artist who comes close to Joss in any way. Awesome.
The Thick of It. Clever, funny, and the rest. And dramatic to boot.
Beatles Rock Band. Brightening up my last year of uni.
A Serious Man, Fantastic Mr Fox, Let the Right One In - films of the year.
Plus, starting to have some idea of what to do with my life, which is a novelty.
In terms of TV things...

The Glee sub-finale, for the show finally evolving to a place where I'd hoped it had been from the start.

And hopefully the revamped Scrubs will work since there's so little to laugh along with on TV these days.

But mostly, in no particular order:

Dollhouse, for its fun amazingness.
And Chuck, for its amazing funness. (Of course there's a difference...)

Plus a certain season 8...
Others on here have said it so much better than I, so I will simply say Thanks for the ride, Grateful for what you've done and Love and Peace to you and all your cast and crew in this holiday season.
Awww, Joss. I love your list and I love you!! Thanks so much for the awesomeness of Dollhouse and I can't wait for the whatever-it-is-you-have-in-store-for-us-next, you tease!
I know I'm forgetting things, but here's my list:

1. Family (first and foremost)
2. Employment (which I actually mostly enjoy - bonus!)
3. My newish house

This year was a bit of a low for me as far as entertainment goes, but there were some bright exceptions. The rest of my list (in no particular order):

4. The new Doctor Who (which I discovered back in January)
5. Joss Whedon's brain
6. Dollhouse
7. David Tennant - Looking forward to what he does next
8. The discovery of new (to me at least) talented television writers - Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, Steven Moffat
9. Whedonesque - A nice way to spend a bit of every day
10. Bridge - Fun and challenging game and a great way to spend time with my family
11. New Dresden Files books
12. Bones episodes for always entertaining me
13. Netflix for keeping me hooked up
14. Lance Armstrong inspiring people once again in the Tour de France
15. March Madness - love NCAA basketball tournament time

I hope 2010 brings much Whedony goodness!
Jossness! :)

Glee busting out the Streisand prompted my husband, who usually stays in his man cave/record room while my friend and I geek out over it, to poke his head out and declare, "Whoever that is, they're good!" :)

Also, going to look up Dombey and Son now...
I'm a day from leaving the best job i've ever had since i left highschool, so knowing the feeling of needing some joy. Thanks Joss. Maybe thats you Karma, you need lots of joy cause you give so much out. I want to give some joy too, so people, find a book shop and find any book written by Christopher Moore. I know Joss fans will fall in love with his geek heroes and totally bizzar and funny peoples. My favs "The lust lizard of Melancolly cove" its got 40year old Xena with schizophrena, fighting a giant sea monster that feeds on depression and eminates lust. Sorry about the spelling. Did i mention i'm a teacher.
Except for Glee and Tinkerbell, I haven't got a clue what those other things on the list are - clearly my pop-culture street cred is diminished considerably (and utterly evaporated by even using that phrase)!

My list is extremely brief - my discovery of the phrase "Don't harsh my squee!" and its subsequent use at highly inappropriate times (like during a disciplinary interview at work) has produced endless amusement for me (if no-one else) all year.

Of course, using that phrase really did finish off whatever scrap of street cred I did have left (see above paragraphs for other issues!)
Dybbuk, schmybbuk. I said "MORE HAM!"
My list in sorta an order but not all that much:
- Family - New and old, those I'm related to and those I'm not.
- The gym and my friends there - that place helps keep me sane and allows me to enjoy more cookies and ice cream than I really should...which also helps keep me sane.
- My job - Not always the most fun, but it's a good job and pays the bills. And when I look up in the sky and see my airplane flying it's a very, very cool feeling.
- Technology - From electricity to the internet and my iPod. It really is an amazing future that we're living in.
- All the things that spill out of Joss's brain and into a form that gets shared with use mere mortals - Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible, the comics, all the old stuff on DVD. All this also helps keep me's been a rough year.
- Waterproof shoes, merino wool socks and polar fleece jackets - Because starting off the day with wet feet is no fun at all.

And, most importantly of all, the grace that God has shown to me, loving me and saving me from my sins.
Thank you, Joss, for saying exactly why "A Serious Man" is so great. I loved loved loved it.

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