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December 14 2009

(SPOILER) Promo stills from Dollhouse 2x09 and 2x10. Stills from the last two episodes before the holiday hiatus (pretty major spoilers).

There's a Tree in the House of Love.
Dominic's comeback is looking fairly badass.
Aghblurgargarg!!! There's a Victor for me, and a backup for when he's in the shop!! Wishing wells do work...

And Dominic, how I missed you! This Friday looks like a good night for my TV crushes.
Adelle is always drinking. How does she run the house when she's constantly pissed? No wonder things have been going crazy... woman's drink driving the Dollhouse into chaos!
Wait a minute, Enver has a twin called Demir, who will play in the episode (look at the FOX Flash site which has descriptions along with the stills)? If so, then it's 'The Replacement' all over again.

Also, I wonder if Demir is as frikkin' talented as Enver.
That has to be Enver's twin... right? That tree is also beautiful, yet extremely confusing.
That has to be Enver's twin... right?

Read the comment right above yours. ;)
Ahh, yup. Wow, that's awesome. I am so excited... I'm glad these stills seem to be mostly from 2x09 since most of the trailer seemed to be from 2x10.

Why are there geishas? Why is there a big tree in the middle of the dollhouse? What is Victor's real name?! (If we don't find out Victor's personality's real name by the end of the series, I'm going to be extremely upset).

The flash site also has another picture of Victor and Sierra (or Priya?) shooting a gun. It also seems like more time has passed according to the descriptions?

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If we don't find out Victor's personality's real name by the end of the series, I'm going to be extremely upset.

I think it's safe to say we do.

Adelle is always drinking. How does she run the house when she's constantly pissed?

Yeah, I love that. She does look particularly jaded in that still, though. Can't wait for Friday!
Hot army Eliza is hot.

And can't wait for LDs return!
Several things come to mind in the cool picture of Adelle and Echo gazing at each other:

1) Drink is about to go into someone's face;
2) Muay Thai move coming up as Echo sends Adelle "flying" vis a vis that lovely Angel episode;
3) "Echo, join me for some vodka, it's lovely" ... {hic};
4) I dunno, but that's quite a gaze.

[ edited by Tonya J on 2009-12-15 03:07 ]
Hmm... I like all of the scenarios, Tonya, very much I do...

1) Super cool, but I can't see Adelle wasting a perfectly fresh drink.
2) Even more cool- love her dearly, but I think Adelle's the only cast member who has avoided getting her ass kicked. Except kinda while fencing with Victor, and kinda by Dominic that one time...
3) Bahahaha
4) Right? Right.
Re 2), now that I look at the photo again Adelle needs to be turned so she's positioned more in front of the window for optimal kickage and glass breakage. :=)

And also now, now that I read through the comments I see that I wasn't seeing things with DOUBLE Victors looking like they're doing a scene from a futuristic The Wild Bunch. Me likey.
I wondered when the two Victors would appear (though clearly not anywhere near a Xander/Suave Xander or Buffy and Buffybot thing) when I first learned Enver had a twin. Which was yesterday, so funny I didn't have to wonder long.
Wait, what? Enver has a twin? There are two of those gorgeous, way-too-young-for-me boys running around in L.A.? And we get to see both of them in Dollhouse? Awesome.

And Dominic gets resurrected from the attic and is allowed to look so badass and gets to shoot people? Super awesome.

The first picture in that post goes up as my new desktop wallpaper. I offically can't wait to see those episodes.

Why exactly did this show get cancelled?

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