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December 14 2009

Chicago Tribune's Top TV of 2009. Straight from the pen of Maureen Ryan, a little recognition for our beloved, televised, two-season identity crisis.

Nice to see some love for Dollhouse.

And also Parks and Recreation, in both the top shows AND the runners-up!
Not bad, not bad, though she listed In Treatment as a runner-up.
I was glad to see some of my fav shows made the list. lt's refreshing to know there are still good shows to watch on tv.
Dana, has there been any word on whether In Treatment is coming back for a third season ? Season 2, even moreso than Season 1, felt perfectly complete and ending-worthy, so if two seasons (of very nice length, each) is all we get, I'm cool with that. But I loved the format of the show, the different way they aired the episodes (it really was an experience watching it "live"), and the acting and writing was awesome, so I'd be back for a third season in a heartbeat. Haven't followed a shred of news about it though.
What I like about this list is its breadth, it feels like the list of a genuine TV viewer and fan who's not scared of putting her personal favourites regardless of critical plaudits or intellectual pretensions (I wouldn't have 'Big Bang Theory' in there for instance - probably swap 'Community' for it - but it's in her top 10 so in it goes). Her summary of 'True Blood' is spot on too IMO. Hats off to you Ms Ryan.

That and it's probably time I checked out 'Sons of Anarchy' and 'In Treatment'.
Kris HBO announced that it will be back for a third season, which is unfortunate to me because there is no third set of scripts to adapt into English and I would imagine the third season will have many, many subtle differences and lack in overall quality of writing and structure.

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