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December 14 2009

ABC's Happy Town trailer. It's Twin Peaks meets Amy Acker.

Don't they mean "from the network at canceled Twin Peaks"?

And is this the same trailer that they played at sweeps? Really not sure how I feel about this...
I wish it really was Amy Acker on Twin Peaks.
I like Amy Acker and love Twin Peaks, but I'm not quite sure if I'll be tuning in.
I can't wait to see all one and half seasons!!!
When does it premiere?
Looks interesting. Shame there wasn't a lot of Amy Acker in the trailer. I'm too young to remember much of Twin Peaks (with the exception of "She's dead, wrapped in plastic"), so, if it ever airs here in Australia, I'll probably watch it.
There's not much of her in the pilot either. I don't have high hopes for this one.
It's got an awesome cast, but that was just about the cheesiest trailer I've ever seen. It almost looked like a parody of a trailer. The only thing missing was "in a world...".
Amy Acker... Sam Neil... Twin Peaks... How could it possibly not be good? And many people may be left with the simple innocence of that question if they dig a hole deep enough to hide this trailer. I believe they actually had a discussion in the writers room on Twin Peaks that went something like this:

Writer A: ...and so then, the Magic Man-
Writer B: Wait, the what? Who?
Writer A: The supernatural villain guy. The Magic Man.
Writer B: The Magic Man?
Writer A: Yes, the-
Writer B: "The Magic Man"? Are you freaking kidding me?
Writer A: What's wrong with The Magic Man?
Writer B: What the #@!$!?
Writer A: Well, you go ahead and name him then. What do you want to call him?
Writer B: Call him anything! Hell, John... Steve... Bob is scarier than "The Magic Man".
Writer A: Fine then – have it your way. We'll just call him “Bob” and let all of America laugh at us.
Writer B: Magic Man...
Writer A: Shut up.
Hahaha @ BringItOn5x5, although it wouldn't be Writer A and B, it would be David Lynch and Mark Frost.

@ about 00:48, I nearly vomited all over my keyboard.
Ya...the name of the villain might not be so bad, until you say it like 10 times over the course of one promo especially that last time when he says it overly dramatic like. I guess after 4 seasons of Dexter and 4 awesome villain names, "Magic Man" just seems so bland by comparison.
Is this really the reason Whiskey has been missing from my Dollhouse? Boo, I say.
America, rise up and destroy the Voice of Cheese™ and all who believe trailers are actually better with that kind of ridiculous over the top E nUN cIA tION! (except for parodies). He can make anything sound stupid. Still, 'magic man' isn't exactly top drawer. Still, still, that's not a bad cast at all (Sam Neill and Steven 'Jack Rudolph' Webber !! among others) and add a certain 'Twin Peaks'yness, if Amy's in it more than she's in the trailer (which seems likely) then i'll at least give it a chance. So long as she stays happy and doesn't start crying onscreen again. A guy only has so much man-cred to spare.
It looks a bit dull and a third rate knockoff of a Stephen King novel.
Like most things, it needs more Amy.
Is this really the reason Whiskey has been missing from my Dollhouse? Boo, I say.

Heh, I remember when many of us (maybe me too, can't recall) were hoping this wouldn't make it to air somehow so that Amy would be free for more Dollhouse Season 2. Irrelevant now, unfortunately, so it's good she still has a job.
I say what I said when I first watched the trailer after the "Upfronts":

Summary of the concept sounds promising, as does certain members of the cast, but the trailer looks as terrible as it possibly can. I don't think this show will be successful, not commercially and definitely not critically. I also don't think Amy will be as challenged on this show as on a Whedon-show. From what I can take from the trailer, she just plays the male lead's happy wife without any personality (and to make it really dramatic, she probably gets killed off at the end, so that the male lead suffers and has more motivation to get the evil "Magic Man").

After her turns oN "Angel", "Alias" and "Dollhouse", I feel like Amy finally deserves a show where she is a leading lady. Usually I would have said that she is more the supporting actress to me, but after having seen her on "Dollhouse" and rewatching a few season five episodes of "Angel", I think she does have leading qualities. She just needs the right show in which she can demonstrate her talents. So I really hope some creative showrunners with original concepts start to recognize her qualities.

What about an unusual cop show in space with Amy and Enver as leads with chemisty? Yeah, I just want to see her and Enver as a team.
Or Amy and Harry Lennix as tough sp-cops. Enver could play the cocky streetwise informant they use a lot. And their hard-but-fair boss. And the tart with a heart of gold. And the killer of the week (every week). And the department shrink. And ... See, it'd be a fairly cheap show, what with only needing 3 actors ;).

Summary of the concept sounds promising, as does certain members of the cast, but the trailer looks as terrible as it possibly can.

It's bad, no doubt. What I imagine though (and it's not difficult) is us as fans of [insert whoever created/wrote it] watching this and bemoaning the fact that [insert TV network] just doesn't know how to sell his/her stuff, that the trailer is totally unrepresentative of this show we've been looking forward to for months etc. etc.

In other words, I picture someone who hasn't heard of Joss Whedon seeing some of the 'Dollhouse' promo stuff and what they'd think. Then I think of what 'Dollhouse' actually is. When you do that it's easier to basically ignore the trailer and consider giving it a chance based on the cast and premise IMO.
That might be true, Saje, trailers sometimes make a wrong impression and some shows that started out bad (IMO), got better later on, though that happens rarely (for me).

Still, usually I can tell by a 3-minute-trailer whether this is going to be a show that interests me (whether it lives up to what I see in it, is up to debate. I thought the trailer of Dirty Sexy Money was great, but the first episode did only turn out to be good and the show turned to crap very fast) or not.

Judging from the trailer, "Happy Town" does not interest me at all, which is why I won't give the show a chance, unless it has strong critical support (I only started watching "Chuck", because it had a lot of support, though I didn't keep watching for the entire two seasons, because I got bored).

Dollhouse intrigued me when the first trailer (of the unaired pilot) got released and I immediately got what kind of themes the show was playing with. I might have been underwhelmed by the first results of the show (the first couple of episodes), but I knew what kind of profound themes the show would deal with and I thought the characters were written well, which is why I stuck with it. The writing for "Happy Town" doesn't look well and the fact that it comes from the people behind "October Road" doesn't give me more hope that I am wrong.
Sure that's fair enough Donnie, we all make decisions about what we're going to watch or not watch based on incomplete information. Comes with only having finite time unfortunately, wish it weren't so but it is. So it goes ;).

For me the cast and the premise (and, admittedly, a blissful ignorance of anything else the creators have made) probably makes it worth 43 minutes of my life but that's totally down to each of us to decide obviously. Figure if I get 2 good minutes of Amy Acker then that by itself is worth the other 41, Steven Weber (misspelled his name above, -1 fan point) and Sam Neill are icing. Then i'll see where I go from there.
"From the network that brought you Twin Peaks"-- wow, they're not reaching at all, are they, lol. I wonder if any of them were even working there 20 years ago.

That said, it does look interesting, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Lauren German is underrated.

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Was that Stephen McHattie? Cool.

Crappy trailer, though. Not conducive to bums in chairs.
Looks like a horror movie I wouldn't watch, and it seems eerily short (like Harper's Island) because of it. I dunno. I'd probably tune in to the first episode because I like small-town shows since they tend to make me think about the wonderful Gilmore Girls but this seems... I dunno. It seems much better than I expected.
The skeptic in me believes there is no way the show can be as bad as the trailer. And even if it is, I don't think I'd mind sitting through a bad show for the chance to watch that cast. Doing a bad show. (Now my brain hurts)
I think the trailer is actually pretty representative. I'm not sure there is two minutes of Amy in the 2 hour pilot. Just two scenes with clunky dialogue. I assume she'll eventually get more though, and hopefully it gets better. Just seems like a waste of Amy's talents. And I don't think the premise will do well.

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Looks fairly good, except for the Magic Man part which makes it all sound so cheesy.

But I still miss Whiskey :(
I agree with what others have said, Amy totally deserves a leading role.
This. Looks. Awesome.

Also, Amy's not the main character, and, as much as I love her acting, a pilot should be about introducing a viewer to a show, not about showing too much of one character.
I don't want to hold a grudge or point fingers, but this is the reason we don't have more Amy in Dollhouse this season.

AND they weren't even smart enough to make her the main character (I mean on screen like 95% of the time). What a waste of a perfectly good Amy Acker!
Given the budget cuts that Dollhouse season 2 had to endure, it was unlikely that we have seen any more of Amy than we actually did.
Isn't Amy in two more episodes?
Amy is back in episode 11.
Cool. I could have sworn Joss gave an interview after the season premiere and said they had Amy for two more episodes.

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