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December 15 2009

(SPOILER) Dollhouse series finale is "crazy & wonderful" says Felicia Day. Spoilers for Epitaph One and the finale title.

There are no big plot-related spoilers regarding the series finale, unless you don't know the title of the episode yet. I put a spoiler alert on it nonetheless.

The article does sound a bit spoilery. I was hoping that the future in Epitaph One would somehow be averted but the way Felicia decribes the finale, it doesn't sound that way.
I am intrigued to see how things turn out post-Epitaph One, so this episode should be good. But this leaves me even more intrigued for episode twelve...where will things end in the present? I'm sure it'll be somewhat open-ended in case they ever want to tell another story in between that episode and the Epitaphs.

Also, I don't think the article is very spoiler-y at all. If anything, she's recapping Epitaph One. Read her description. It's Epitaph One's plot synopsis.

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Damn, why are people still putting the The in the title of the finale?! I don't think the article was particularly spoilery either - just what we know already.
"The Return" will enter into Whedonpedia Law now.

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