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December 15 2009

Neil Patrick Harris and Chiwetel Ejiofor nominated for 2010 Golden Globes. Neil is nominated for supporting actor in a comedy or musical series for How I Met Your Mother, and Chiwetel for best performance in a made-for-television special or miniseries for Endgame.

Other Whedonverse-related shows to garner nominations are Dexter, Mad Men, Lost, Glee and The Office. (Link is to IMDb page, as the Golden Globes home page doesn't seem to list the nominations yet.)

I'm pleased with their nominations this year. I think I was mostly pleased last year as well. Happy for Neil. Very happy for Matthew Morrison (Glee) and curious as to what episode Lea Michele submitted to get her nod. I hope this sets Glee on the path of winning awards anyway.
I like their TV selections more than their movie selections this year, but they also picked a couple movies that haven't even been officially or widely released yet so I may change my mind on that.

I love seeing HIMYM, Dexter, Glee, and other favorite shows on there. Honestly I couldn't pick any one of the "Best Comedy" nominations over any other. My only gripe is that NPH is up against John Lithgow; both so so perfect but such different roles.
I'm really hoping Jane Lynch wins for Best Supporting Actress. Sue is my favourite part of Glee, and it's fantastic to see Jane getting mainstream notice.

Also glad to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs up for best Animated Feature, even though Up deserves to win. Up is an amazing movie. Cloudy was one of my favourite kids books, and it made a fun movie, but there's no contest with Up.
The full list is now up on the Golden Globes website here.
2010 ? That's a lot of Golden Globes. Surely they have to win something ?

... i'll get me coat.
Haven't seen Inglourious Basterds yet, or the two Best Picture noms below it, but will have an opinion about Avatar this Friday (I know it's James Cameron, but it's good enough to be a Best Pic nom ? My vague impressions of it are that it's pure spectacle with not much of a plot, but I've avoided watching much footage or reading much info about it). So automatically, for now, my pick would be The Hurt Locker, which was intense and beautifully acted (I wouldn't mention this to give the guy a boost, but one of the main characters in the film is the guy who played Penn on Angel--he's done better since).

Dunno if The Hangover deserves best comedy and I likely won't get around to any of the other musicals or comedies (why are those two categories together again?). Will see I Love You, Man when it shows up on The Movie Network next week, had a strong feeling that would've been my favorite comedy of the year.

Nice that District 9 made it in for something, hope it wins Best Screenplay (yeah, even over The Hurt Locker, though they are equally well-written/poignant). Also, no more movies named "9" or "something-9" in 2010, please. Between 9, District 9, and the upcoming Nine, audiences are getting confused. Was trying to talk about District 9 with a co-worker the other day and he thought I was recommending the computer animated 9 instead (saw that too, there's definitely content to recommend).

Man I'm behind on animated. As usual. Only saw Up this year. Wanna see all the others though.

Cool mix of TV shows. Between the three I watch (I'll get around to Mad Men eventually and I like what few eps I've seen of House well enough), it's a little hard to choose. Dexter Season 4 (my favorite year of the show since Season 1 and arguably a return to form for someone who was a little worried about the show during certain parts of Season 3) was excellent, True Blood's second year was varied and well-written/acted and fun, and Big Love's third season was the show at its best. Hmm...

For "Best TV Musical or Comedy", there must have been something better they could've put in Entourage's spot. Hey, I still watch, I still enjoy it, yes I hear some of you shouting at me that Piven is the man (but he's been the man for six seasons now and I think much of the rest of the cast doesn't get due credit for making the show fun as well), but many seasons it's felt a little past its Sell By date. I dunno, I bounce back and forth between being sick of it, but then when it's been off the air for a while, I'm curious and kinda eager to see the new season. Maybe the seasons just need to be shorter, like 6 eps each or something. Or maybe I'm wearing thin on material about navel-gazing Hollywood.

Made-For-TV-Movie, I've seen Taking Chance (it got me good and I usually like Kevin Bacon--the amount of Whedonverse alums that showed up were nice and surprising too) and Into the Storm. I'd give the edge to Taking Chance.

Thomas Jane got a nom for Hung, perfect. Maybe Hung should've been in Entourage's spot, though Hung's barely a comedy sometimes.

I know Edie Falco already has a horde of statuettes from her Sopranos days, but for Nurse Jackie I really want her to win. Or Toni Collette for United States of Tara. Sorry Lea Michele, not your time yet (great singing and expressions and all, but I need a something more killer-scene-acting-wise before I'd pick her over the first two mentioned).

Why, if they're gonna nominate someone from True Blood, is it always and only Anna Paquin ? There's a load of talent on that show that arguably deserve it more.

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