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December 15 2009

Dollhouse season 2 on sale at iTunes USA. For a limited time 99 cents an episode, $1.99 for HD.

I think's just season 2 by the looks of it so I tweaked your entry a little bit.
Figures... I just bought all the episodes on Sunday for the higher price...
Me too, Nebula. Oh well.
thanks, just wanted to let people know about it. Didn't know how to do the launch link
I wish iTunes worked with Linux. Or better yet, that episodes could be sold in a way that works with open source, non-proprietary apps.
Me three, Nebula and Wonderflonium... But look at the bright side. We gave Joss and co. more money!
While, meanwhile in Australia, Season 1 isn't even on sale on DVD yPr

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accidental double poPr

[ edited by mortimer on 2009-12-16 00:43 ]
don't know why every post I'm writing is being changed to end in Pr

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