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December 15 2009

(SPOILER) Buffy Boards Q/A With Georges Jeanty. Georges does confirm something specific about Twilight.

Well, to be sure, he's only confirmed what he has already shown you in his drawings.
Actually,there have been various theories thrown around about things being not what they seem in regards to Twilight's sex.
I just can't think of who it could possibly be. Grar.
I know! Twilight's not Riley, it's his wife, Sam!
Go Buffy Boards!!!!! So we've narrowed it down to being a guy. That only leaves a TON of people......who do y'all think it is?
I think it's Spike. That or they are trying to make us think it's Spike (like they sort of led us to believe the "Mad Woman" in the Fray arc was Drusilla).
They wanted us to think the Mad Woman in Fray was Drusilla? Wow, I never got that. Of course, I read Fray rather late, so maybe it just never clicked with me.

I don't think they've given us near enough to even guess at who it might be at this point. Any attempt now, if correct later, would be little more than random chance. But, hey, I could be wrong. Maybe the signs are everywhere. Joss has pulled off the long game before with hints, so maybe he's being brilliant again and we just don't know it.

Hell, of course he's being brilliant. I give the chances at fifty-fifty of us kicking ourselves for not figuring it out when we finally learn who it is.
They wanted us to think the Mad Woman in Fray was Drusilla?

When the previews came out for that particular issue, there was a fair bit of speculation that the mysterious figure was Dru. Me included.
It should have been Dru, but that's beside the point.

He said it wasn't Riley!
Scott Allie said whoever it is is a president...well, maybe Hank Summers is the president of called POO, Parents Opposed to the Occult.

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It's still my bet that it's
I'm still thrown by the president line. Is it maybe Robin Wood since he was president on 24? I know he showed up earlier but not in any sort of role that necessarily rules out him playing both sides... Then again there have been plenty of other characters that haven't been on panel with Twilight. And even if they have been it's not like the series is new to clones, twins, and robot versions of people...
Robin Wood is an African American and Twilight is white ;)
I thought the president comment was a joke.

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