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December 15 2009

Cooking with Alyson! Everyone's favourite comedy goddess (see what I did there?) will be appearing on Gordon Ramsays Cook-along!

She'll be there with Cedric the Entertainer and Leann Rymes. On FOX tonight at 9-10pm.

Haha, that is awesome!!!

Alyson, Cedric the Entertainer, and LeAnn Rimes together with Gordon Ramsays?? wow that should be an interesting and fun hour to see.
OMG! This is to funny.
Any reports? I did not get a chance to watch it, and am wondering if I should be looking for it on Hulu/Joost, or not.
Alexis also has a brief showing on the episode.
I watched it. Alyson was adorable.She looks fabulous too! She seemed amusingly overwhelmed by the whole cooking thing, claiming that her cooking skills involved making a mean reservation. I would have been overwhelmed by the whole process too because Ramsey's technique seemed a little frenetic. I have been cooking for years and would have felt very rushed.

When it came time to flambe her Steak Diane, Alyson asked Ramsey to hold her pretty long hair back because she had used hair spray. She did great on the flambe sending up an impressive but controlled blaze, but Leann's teramissu won Ramsey's vote as the best dessert. I really enjoyed seeing Alyson cook. Maybe she will try one of the recipes at home. Have to say that they were heavy on cream so I don't think I will try any of these recipes myself.All in all a fun show.
The show is now on Hulu, here. Alyson is indeed adorable.

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