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December 15 2009

Have you seen this two men? Badger and Cobb reunite.

Uh...Mark Sheppard (Badger in Firefly) and Adam Baldwin (Jayne Cobb), Frick ;)
If you say it in a Dracula accent it sounds almost right.
Damn I had this thread getting derailed at the second comment.
I hope this storyline has something to do with diamonds the size of testicles.
Is that a metric or imperial testicle ?

Must say, bloody good of Mark Shepperd to bless 'Chuck' with True TVHood™. Now they're a real show.
Knowing how they like to put little Firefly mentions in there, it just might, b!X.
I want a Mark Sheppard fly-on-the-wall reality show. Yeah, I said it.

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What...was Frick being facetious or something, Simon? If so...sorry. Have a bad habit of misinterpreting certain attempts at humour ;)
BlueEyedBrigadier, if I remember correctly, Frick has never watched Firefly. That might explain the post.
Frick has said in the past that he watched Firefly and now "wants those hours back Joss" (it's unusual enough to have stuck in my mind, plus it was last week ;). So it's very possibly a genuine lack of knowing (if you didn't like it you obviously won't re-watch which leads to forgetting stuff).

Or he was being ironic both times, hard to tell until you know someone better.
Is that a metric or imperial testicle ?

Those royal measure sistems usually are based on the present occupant of the throne sizes, so you Brits could have a little problem.
Heh ;). Yep, we may have to go metric on that one Brasilian Chaos Man.

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