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December 15 2009

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #33 solicitations. Posted at Comic Book Resources (hi-res; originally posted at Comics Continuum) along with solicitations for other Dark Horse products. Scroll down if you want to check out the solicitation for Felicia Day's The Guild #1. Featuring a cover by Jeanty as well (excellent likeness of Felicia).

I'll just say it now, Jo's cover seems to be continuing her trend of grotesquely misshapen human bodies. Buffy's neck is really long and thick in this cover. It's something that I don't expect to see coming from someone of Chen's caliber, but it's true.

ETA: The solicitation makes it sound like the Twilight reveal is supposed to be in #34, but a recent CBR article placed that at #33. Perhaps a last panel deal like the FDW reveal in #17?

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Considering both covers for #33 feature an unmask(ed/ing) Twilight, not revealing his identity would be borderline cruel.
Well, it could easily just show unmasked Twilight from behind with everyone else looking on in horror, making it a cliffhanger for the readers. But yeah, still cruel, though.

Edit: Also, I'm growing more and more convinced that it's Giles. *indignation*

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Um.....they're not delaying the reveal for ANOTHER issue, are they? Ugh.
It might be as others suggested that the reveal happens at the end of #33 on the last page but we don't get to see who it is until #34.
Yeah I had a feeling they may do that to us. Well probably see only Buffys expression and then it will end on a cliff-hanger.

Or as Wexina said, we could get a #17 deal where they reveal the identity but end straight after it.

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I really hope they reveal Twilight's identity at the end of #33 with no further explanation, rather than making us wait another month. Finding out why Angel/Giles/Future!Xander/Sid the Dummy is Twilight is ultimately going to be more interesting than finding out who it is.

Also, Zack Whedon's Terminator series is in this solicit too, for those interested.

[ edited by MattManic7325 on 2009-12-16 06:02 ]
I'm calling it now. Twilight is Joss Whedon. Or Ethan Raine. Why include him in the story only to kill him off shortly after? Also, why raid her brain while she's out cold?
@ MattManic7325 - hahahahaha to your Sid the Dummy comment.
Oh and I agree. I still think it's Ethan.
May go with Adam as I've exhausted every other possibility.
One more thing, I think the tease of the unmasking will happen in 32. After all the unmasking has to actually happen by 33 technically since the Jeanty cover clearly has Twilight revealed, right?
If one continues to scroll down, then there is a solicit for THE TERMINATOR #1, Written by Zack Whedon.
I still want it to be Ben just so that "Twilight" ties back to "Dawn". But I'm slowly becoming convinced of the Ethan reveal. It would explain why one of the first things the series did was show us Ethan dead, it'd be the ruse to get everyone's mind off of him.
I said it on the other Twilight speculation thread but it's still my bet that it's
I hope it's not Ethan, that'd seem a little anticlimactic. He's a character everyone remembers but he was actually only in 4 episodes of the show (I had to Google that, I could only remember 3 off the top of my head). And only briefly appearing in the comic. He's a good character but his presence just doesn't carry enough weight in the Buffyverse for me to think it's him.

I'm going with Future-Giles. Who would want to kill Ethan Rayne in cold blood more than him? That'd give a real richness to Ethan's death, too; being old buddies, maybe Ethan was the only one that could have stopped him.
Still going to be Spike.
If the whole president thing wasn't a joke, then I think it's Angel. But I'm taking that with a grain of salt.
Could be Parker. That would certainly be horrifying to Buffy.
I'd rather have them reveal Twi's face on the last page and save the reactions for #34.
I just had a thought that beat me upside the head quite suddenly. If Twilight is in fact someone from the future, which has been widely speculated on these boards, then the fact that he knew Buffy's half'n'half Scythe slice doesn't necessarily mean he was there in the tomb when it happened...he could just have easily travelled and/or looked back in time to study her moves in an attempt to gain the upper hand in battle.

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The Jeanty cover makes Twilight look like he has wavy light colored hair. That puts some limits on the characters we've seen before. The ones that come to mind are Spike when he was insane (his hair was super wavy then), a young Giles, Ben, Glory with a ponytail, maybe a Buffy child from the future? I'm grasping at hairs here.
Suggestion for future spoilers. If the identity of twilight leaks before the comic, can the Whedonesque posting as well as having the customary red SPOILER written before it, also have the words, in bold, THIS IS THE FRACKING TWILIGHT REVEAL, SO DON'T YOU FRACKING DARE CLICK ON IT THINKING THAT MAYBE YOU WON'T REGRET IT LATER. YOU WILL. Just a suggestion.
Folks who're reading the trade paperbacks are probably gonna have to wait a few months for this storyline to be collected in trade, so they're probably gonna wanna avoid even non-spoilerish threads where folks are gonna be tossing around the name of the reveal casually (too bad the reveal isn't at the end of this arc, so that the collection could come out on the same day as the issue, as has sometimes been done in the past).

Maybe the Twilight reveal should be considered a spoiler until the trade comes out or something, I dunno. It would suck for quite a sizeable portion of the audience to be spoiled, but also to have to pretty much exile themselves from Whedonesque for a while for fear that a monthly reader might slip up or think that we aren't worrying about spoiler tags anymore. I know you can go to extremes with this (like how people get mad when folks spoil 50 year old films), but in this case it's only a few months, so it seems reasonable.

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Link updated with the link to the CBR page instead for hi-res covers. Still credited Comics Continuum, though... they're always first, but for some reason, they never have the best quality pics.
I had never considered Spike before, but from the hair on Jeanty's cover to the cheekbones on CHen's cover, that's who I'm leaning towards.
Same here, CapB- the hair sure looks like Spike, though the shape of the face looks like Giles. Which means, of course, it is Hank.
I don't think we can really attribute much to however Twilight looks on the cover. I agree that it looks like Spike or Giles, but I can't imagine Joss/Scott keeping his identity a secret for so long only to make it obvious on the cover.
Spike would not be caught dead or undead in that outfit.
I don't think Spike thinks big enough for world domination. He might take over a town, maybe, and once he'd rounded up all of the women and the alcohol, I think he'd forget to do the rest.
Hear, hear, Sunfire! There's no way in hell (or in any other dimension) that Spike would wear that costume.

ETA: I still think it's Harth. Who else knows all Buffy's moves, and has a logical motivation for ending the Slayer line? (Granted, we don't know for sure if that's Twilight's goal--his "end of magic" shtick could be cover for something else--but if that's really what he wants, Harth makes the most sense to me.)

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Maybe it's still Riley, but a future version of Riley. Though Twilight would likely have shown more concern that he(almost-present-day-Riley) was lying gravely wounded on the Tibetan field.

I don't want it to be Riley, but it's a possibility.

Riley has heard Twilight speak. If Twilight is someone in Buffy's life that Riley has met, wouldn't he have recognized the voice ? Unless Twilight is disguising it somehow (I hope it's not in a Christian Bale-as-Batman fashion) or if he's aged to the point where it's unrecognizable.
Twilight's speech text is different from all the regular human characters. It takes on "monster font" like all the other demons and vampires so far. Which could indicate that he is disguising his voice. Through whatever method is anyone's guess. Mission Impossible-style, perhaps?

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