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December 15 2009

Jo Chen's BtVS #25 makes the 50 Best Comic Book Covers of 2009. And at Number 4, no less. Issue 28 made IGN's 100 Covers of 2009 as well.

Oh, I loved that cover. Jo Chen can do no wrong in my book. Love her!!
HOW?????? I hate that cover and Jo Chen is a bloody legend! Buffy 1-5 awesome, the first faith cover, brilliant. 25 ewwwe.
treenie, all those covers you listed didn't come out in 2009. Jo Chen's 2009 covers didn't start for Buffy Season 8 until #21 Harmonic Divergence was released on January 7, 2009.

Congrats, Jo Chen!

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It does kind of make you wonder what the actual boning of the thricewise would be like.
It does kind of make you wonder what the actual boning of the thricewise would be like.

Actually it doesn't. Or it didn't, until you wrote that. O_o

My mind. It weeps. My eyes. They bleed.
#3 on that list is a gem - just hilarious!

ETA: and now that I've looked at all 50, #5 is even funnier.

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Personally, I'm not a big fan of this particular cover. Mostly, because of the ugly, off-putting vagina-face thing they call a Thricewise. According to Scott Allie, they (the writers) had no clue what a Thricewise looked like, until Jeanty sketched it on the fly one day. From art to story, that whole "subplot" screams "afterthought" to me. Not a fan. The other covers by Jo Chen? Grade A Poster material. Every. Single. One. :)
Yeah, not the one that I would have chosen either... The woman doesn't look at all like Dawn, in fact I thought it was Willow until someone corrected me - I thought it was Willow symbolically embracing her darker side or something, and that the monster's face was some weird lesbianism metaphore :D
That cover... just... ewww...
I thought the likeness of Dawn was rather well done. Still, not my favorite cover.
I liked this cover. Wouldn't have placed it that high on a top 50 list, but then there's a lot of covers on there that I wouldn't have picked. (Still, New Mutants and Incognito are listed, so who am I to nitpick?)
I liked the cover. However, there are a few that I felt really surpassed this thrisewise effort. The one that looks like a Norman Rockwell homage (with the scoobies watching animated BtVS on the television) is probably my favorite but I think the one with the decoy Buffy ripping off her "buffy mask" is a close second. It's just so errie. I remember staring at it in the comic shop for a few minutes and marveling in amazement that there are people out there that can take paint and canvas and create something like that from scratch.

I don't think a Jo Chen cover discussion is complete without mentioning the first trade paperback cover with Buf, Wil and Xan standing in front of an army of slayers--you know the one, Buffy has the Scythe, Willow has a fireball and Xander is about to join the seven dwarfs with his pick-axe.
I'm pretty sure that Jo uses one of those digital tablet drawing pad thingies for a lot/most of her work, not actual paint and canvas.

Actually there was this detailed walkthrough of how she did one Star Wars cover which I thought was a great job of summing up the process she goes through.

I even love how dynamic she made the thumbnail look and how some of these bizarre lines I can't even quite figure out how she arrived at all still contribute to the general form.

As for this cover, I'm actually a fan of how disgusting the demon design ended up being compared to how lush and harlequin bodice ripper everything else is. Plus I love the idea of how much this must pop with row after row of other titles with not nearly as lush of a style. I really miss her Runaways covers...
I added another entry to the link.
Thanks for that link orangewaxlion, I vaguely remember seeing this a while back but obviously didn't remember how she does her thing...pretty interesting (and time consuming) process.
I think this cover is great. I just don't want to actually, you know, look at it.

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