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December 16 2009

Nathan Fillion and Castle co-star Stana Katic interview each other. A past interview has Eliza Dushku, Tahmoh Penikett, Enver Glokaj and Dichen Lachman talking Dollhouse and another has Morena Baccarin and her "V" cast mates discussing that show.

Nathan does a pretty good dial-up-sound
Wasn't aware she was from Canada too. I love how Nathan says he's the cult pope...oh, Nathan, you're so cute :)
Castle is an okay show, with its watchability greatly increased by the excellent casting of most of the main characters. Both my husband and I have found ourselves unable to watch because of Stana Katic. The last time we watched the show, my husband said, regarding Stana Katic, "She's a block. There's nothing there." Then we both agreed that the character of the captain is a very poorly written stereotype of a tough NYPD captain. There's so much great television on (although they keep killing it, RIP Dollhouse, Life, etc.) that we can't see spending an hour a week on this show. I'm bummed.
I like Castle. It has grown on me. It is better than Monk (which I watched), but not as good as Bones or House. (I feel like I could make a hilarious sentence out of those four titles.)

Nathan makes the show, and I would not watch it without him. The actresses that play his daughter and his mother are also big reasons to watch. Stana is getting better, but is... eeeh. Okay.
Oh I'm loving Castle, it isn't Firefly good, but it is funny and clever: good stories and great dialogue (plus no other show has Nathan!).

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