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December 16 2009

Nick Brendon Tweets. Confirmed via his website, Nicky is now tweeting on his Twitter account.

Awesome. If only Sarah would join, then we could follow the whole Scooby gang.
I heard that his site's webmaster also twitters a lot on that one.
And the countdown to the next time I embarass myself on Twitter begins NOW...
Yep, I have been tweeting newsy things on the @NicholasBrendon account -- like "Don't forget to watch him in 'A Golden Christmas'" type of bulletins.

I'll continue to do so, but I'll start signing them now that he's tweeting sporadically.
That would be nice. But it's pretty easy to see sometimes who's twittering. He doesn't seem to be the kind of guy who talks of himself in third person ;)
Yeah, I've never even for a second contemplated trying to pretend to be him, so I've always made it obvious that it was another person. How do you try to get into the mind of Nicky, after all?

But I figure signing the ones I send will just make it that much less confusing.
Hmm. I don't tend to have trouble writing Xander, but Nicky...dunno if I could do that. (And now I've got that old advert slogan in my head: "Only from the minds of Minolta.")

One of these days I just might have to break down and get a Twitter account, even though I don't understand the point of it, and don't understand how it works.

As for "A Golden Christmas"...well, I don't want to be cynical this close to the holiday. I'll just say I loved Nicky (He looks great!), and his furry costar. And seeing him play a father made me want to write a future "Buffy" where Xander and...someone become parents.

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