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December 16 2009

It's the last ever day of Dollhouse filming. Eliza Dushku marks the occasion.

Aww... Already? I'm sure I'll be even sadder once the final episode airs.

Incidentally, does anyone know what's going to happen to the beautiful set?
Good question, hadn't thought of it. Probably get torn down but I guess parts of it would get recycled for other 20th Century Fox shows. Didn't Bones use it for one episode?
They can't destroy the set, I wanna live there... :(

Oh well, I guess, if I'll win the lottery, there might be blueprints of the Dollhouse so that I can rebuild the set as a real building...

...but it is highly unlikely that I'll win the lottery, so the loss of the set still makes me very sad. It is just so beautiful!
They did, Simon, but all you ever saw was bits and there was never a good view of the whole beautiful thing. You had to be very familiar with Dollhouse to recognize it. I think they did use the pond though.
there might be blueprints of the Dollhouse so that I can rebuild the set as a real building...

There might be a fan effort to design the blueprints. Some fans did it for Buffy's house back in the day.

They did, Simon

Cheers :).
What episode of Bones was this? Even if it was just bits and pieces, I'd still be interested.

Wasn't there some consensus that some of the House set had a S5 Wolfram and Hart feel?
Sad face.

Donnie: Well, you could live there for five years, and become really rich in the process, as long as you sign the dotted line. You might, er, accidentally be broken or killed though. Or used as a test run for the, uh, fall of mankind.
Have one for me, guys.
Can we all live there? Although it might get too small for so many people. I know! We can all upload imprints of ourselves into Alan Tudyk's mind, and have him live there!
They used the set in this episode of Bones. It was someplace artsy and the guy they interviewed there was (fittingly) kind of skeezy. Also the story behind the victim's life and death as it unraveled shared a lot of themes with Dollhouse. Except, you know, Booth is all good, Bones is all science, and at the end they eat ice cream.
I can't think about that now - I'll go mad if I do.

I'll think about that tomorrow. Tomorrow. Is. Another. Day.


(In particular, the loss - or recycling into other sets - of all those lovely wall decorations/mandalas and beautiful light fixtures and wall treatments fills me with pain and ennui.

And my check from Samuel French didn't get here early enough for me to fly to LA, sneak onto the FOX lot, and break into the set. Oh, well.
Sad day indeed.

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And I turn 40 today. Sadness abounds.
This hurts like the dismantling of Serenity.
Look at it this way: the apocalyptic L.A. of 2019 is broadcast TV today, while SaveHaven is our Dollhouse DVDs, and any dramas on cable TV that the "traditional" networks used to make. Let us be happy there's a SafeHaven for us who want good TV.
Nah, I'm still sad. I'll go wear my combination Santa and Jayne Hat and see if that works. If not, we should still say thank you for Eliza for coming up with Dollhouse at all.
This is so wrong on SO many levels. :(

Love you all. Whedonversers, Whedonesquers, Dollhousers. Can't we all just hug?
Sigh. Sigh sigh sigh sigh.
I wonder who will get the iconic chair.
I wonder who will get the iconic chair.

QuoterGal wrote the Printy song, so I say she gets it. ;)
Simon: I wonder who will get the iconic chair.

Apparently, there's two chairs - the first, and then the smoother-acting re-build.

I do hope Joss gets one, and Eliza the other. It'd be... fitting.

ETA: Or, you know, what b!X said. ; >
I think Printy The Chair should be showcased like the Ariel Ambulance from Firefly.... Oh! I know! Printy The Chair should be IN the ambulance! :) Seriously though, I'd love to be able to fashion my own chair, just for kicks. Friends would come over, and I'd be all, "Here. Have a seat. The chair is really comfy, I promise. Never mind that whirring sound and the bright, blue lights. It's.... a massage chair. Yeah."
Those brain scan films Topher waved around a few episodes ago looked nice and keepsakelike. Also might be nice to get one of the personality cartridges.
End of Dollhouse + sure 2010 is gonna begin with a sea of tears or something like that -_-v
Here's just a small smattering of the Dollhouse stuff that would just suit me fine ; > - along with any brain scans, lighting fixtures, other wall treatments, personality wedges and any and all art from "Gray Hour." (I'm greedy in my Dollhousian admiration.)

Actors not included, of course, because that would be wrong.

ETA: Ya know, if they had an auction, like Battlestar Galactica did - or even just an online one - they'd clean up and sell every scrap.

It's not like corporate America to ignore a revenue stream.

However, I'd find that at once cool and very sad. Sad - but I'd buy something.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2009-12-16 22:37 ]
Bloody buggeration. Sad. But the cast and crew have every reason to feel proud of what they've done IMO. And we've still 5 to go.

And umm, bagsy the statue with the hole in its gut. Double bagsy in fact.

(Printy the Chair should definitely tour. QuoterGal can be the curator and final arbiter of whose arse gets anointed)

Wasn't there some consensus that some of the House set had a S5 Wolfram and Hart feel?

Yeah, the main lobby of Princeton Plainsborough is the lobby of WR&H IIRC. 'House' has had a couple of scenes up on the balcony that Angel gets chucked off in 'Not Fade Away'.

And I turn 40 today. Sadness abounds.

One "life" ends and another begins. Happy birthday kazzmere ;).
Another Whedon show bites the dust... *sigh* :-(
Geez, this is all so sad. I'm going to miss this show so much, it's been a joy to watch. The set is so beautiful too. It's such a shame it has to come down.
@b!X: That picture makes me want to cry... :(
I'm not sure what I'm most upset about. The show ending for real (seeing as I've ahd weeks to deal with that) or the realization that as soon as they finish, they are gonna start tearing down that gorgeous set... :(
Blergh, worst Christmas ever! *sob*

I hope they can recycle the set- Walter Bishop moves his lab to a super fortified spa, perhaps?
Sad. =(

Hope they steal expensive stuff from the set.
maxsummers - of course it is sad when anyone's job is terminated but that doesn't give them the right to 'steal expensive stuff' from the workplace. hope you were being sarcastic.
Semi-sarcstic, maybe. Without people taking souvenirs, we'd never have seen Firefly's catalyzer on Castle. ;)
I borrowed something from the set. If anybody has any complaints about that, er, drop me an email :P
Man i would love to swipe a wedge and would do so if I had access. I don't care if it's stealing I doubt Fox will sell off every wedge and they'll just sit in some studio basement till that 2019 Apocalypse. Going to miss this, sigh, just so pretty.

Also Happy Birthday kazzmere!
gossi: I borrowed something from the set. If anybody has any complaints about that, er, drop me an email :P

I only have the kindof complaint that goes something like, "If you give it to me, we'll be all set." ; > (Was it Topherian in nature? 'Cause I figured when they re-did his desk & some of his art, etc., there were more than a few little things that could get "shifted ...)

(Yeah, b!X, nor have the Firefly red alert button that Alan gave to Joss.)
*tearing up*


Meanwhile, apparently yesterday the writers arranged for a set visit by LA's Grilled Cheese Truck to feed people.
Gosh, so sad.

Well, here's wishing on Joss' next story. Really looking forward to it :)
Moral relativism rules. If you're filching an insignificant memento maybe... but, hope your give the same leeway to your cleaning ladies/office helpers to filch from you! They can probably mount the 'I was due this little memento' too.
I'm so incredibly bummed. What an awesome show.
Thank you sooooooo much for an amazing show! I am really sad it has to end but at least Joss gave us an ending. I squeal with glee every time Dollhouse comes on and can't wait for the DVD set to come out. THANK YOU!
Maybe in addition to the set, they'll auction off the actives too? Not in an ugly, distasteful, exploitative, human trafficking kind of way, but as a means for the fans to enjoy the simple happiness that can only come from owning a pretty person. What better way to remember the show and all it's taught us?

Or maybe we can all just pretend I wrote something different...
I really hope they do an auction or send it to that prop store. I wouldn't be able to afford any of it, but I'd hope somebody who loved the show and had money would be able to treasure some things like I would. :)

Of course, if Nathan happened to visit the set for some odd reason and left with another cardboard box, I wouldn't be objecting. There's nothing like vicariously squeeing online with everyone when Nathan pulls out another Serenity item to give away at a panel. ;)
dibs on the entire set.

sad now :(


*hugs self*
Maurissa: It's official. It's a wrap. Lots of love and sadness. We'll work together again soon.

Hmm, hopeful sentiment or knowing presentiment ?
Its a sad day. Not even denial works :(
I can't believe they're finished, that it's over. :'(
Trying not to think about it, cause it's sad. I think I still have about a month to live in some denial over this being over.
I can't believe they're finished, that it's over. :'(

Well, 5 to go. It ain't over 'til it's over ;).
@ Kazzmere- I wish I was 40 again. Happy Birthday!

I'm sure gonna miss this show :(
OK, I admit it. I am now officially pessimistic about renewal.

ETA: Can't joke. Just sad.

ETfurtherA: It was definitely worth it. Plus.

[ edited by Pointy on 2009-12-17 17:23 ]
... GT. Turbo. Enhanced. Vantage.

Absolutely it was worth it (to me anyway, I hope Joss and everyone else in the cast and crew feel that way too). Better to have loved and lost and all that ...

*hugs of comfort* to all
Someone asked about the chair on Twitter. Fran said "fox keeps everything. Wish I could put it in my new place but that's against the rules. I may be able to sneak a thing or two"

I just hope that the studio recycles the Dollhouse set. I hate thinking about all of the endangered redwood trees that were killed just to make that set, just to have the studio throw it away in the dump like trash.

The only studios that I can think of that recycles the wood off of their sets are some independent studios, and WB.
The only studios that I can think of that recycles the wood off of their sets are some independent studios, and WB.
Little Green Kid | December 17, 21:49 CET

Can this really be true? I'm a serious environmentalist (although no one human can keep up with everything), but I know nothing about studios just dumping fine wood in the trash, when they dismantle sets.
It doesn't even make economic sense, which is of course their bottom line.
@ baxter:

Late reply, but... what b!x said. Semi-sarcastic.
I thing they should get souvenirs from set. I'm not talking about a gold piece or whatever, but you know... something a bit more expensive than a paper or whatever. Just because. =P

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