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December 16 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #28. The writer of Fables tackles Angel, this should be a very interesting read.

I have my copy of Angel #28.Immortality For Dummies Part 1.

It was a nice start.And as a Connor fan,I think I'm really going to like this just based on this first issue.Connor looks like he's really going to step up.

It seems Connor even has his own fan club.A group of red armored,red helmeted warriors who come to watch Connor's back.It seems they have great respect and almost worship him for being the miracle child born of two vampires.They announce that they are at his beck and call whenever he needs them.

I'm sure we'll be finding out more about them in upcoming issues.Liked how one of them says,as Connor is leaving,"I thought he'd be taller."

I still don't buy the idea that the gang would think Angel would just run off with some girl.And on top of that,not even tell them.But it is played for laughs.

It was nice seeing Spike,Gunn,Betta George,Kate,Dez and James along with Connor.It looks like they are going to have a good camaraderie.I know the Angel:Aftermath arc wasn't well liked and I have problems with certain things in it too but I'm glad Willingham isn't dropping Dez and James.I think they are going to work here based off there interaction with the others in this issue.

I also liked Illyria's respect going up for Connor when she hears he survived an encounter with three very powerful demons.

Spike has a running joke in the issue where he had just killed a bunch of demons disguised as cub scouts in Vegas.They ate the real scouts to get the uniforms.And Spike didn't get thanks for saving the den mother of the real scouts.Just ranting at him for killing the kids not even caring that they were demons.While Spike is ranting about his Vegas trip,the others are ignoring him wondering what happened to Angel,thinking he's run off with a woman.

With Angel absent,Spike wants to take over as leader of the team but Connor would like to since it's his father's business.Angel even was going to change the name of Angel Investigations to Angel [b]And[/b] Son Investigations.

Illyria agrees that it makes sense for Connor take over as leader with Angel gone since if Angel is King of their company than Connor is the prince and heir.

The main story ends with voiceover from Angel who is revealed held captive by Innovation Labs and wrapped up like a mummy with one tube of animal blood going in him to keep him fed and another tube coming out with his vampire processed blood.This makes Spike being held by The Initiative look pleasant.And Angel is bored to death.

Also,I really liked the art too.

The Eddie Hope backup was a nice start but it's hard for me to have an opinion on just these first four pages.
This was a really nice start to Angel's new Two Bill's/Denham/Messina era. Even though this issue was mostly set up and introducing the new Team Angel, there are quite a few threads and plots that are introduced that I look forward to seeing how they build and progress.

The main focus on this issue was Connor, and his back and forth as he explained his two lives, three dads and balancing false and fake memories was a nice parallel with what Brian did with him in After the Fall. The Red Demons that show up and help him out introduced the most noteworthy mystery of the issue (besides Angel's dilemma, of course).

It makes you wonder if Connor's original prophecy has more layers to it, in regards to this army of demons. Were they created solely because Connor was born, and if not, why are they loyal to him? They say he is destined to become one of the greatest warriors, so is that the sole reason? Also interesting was how the demon and Illyria both referred to Connor as a "Prince," which of course gives us the arc's subtitle "The Crown Prince Syndrome."

I also wonder if Connor's decision to take over and lead Team Angel while his dad is away has anything to do with these demon's pledging their loyalty to him. When he eventually contacts them, does he want the demon's to see him in a position of power? Now that he's been pledged an entire army, does he want to run Team Angel as a test run for this potential army?

Lot's of neat questions and Willingham wasn't kidding when he wanted to focus on Connor a bit. He's definitely a character that benefits from the type of development Brian and now Willingham have set up for him, and I can't wait to see where it leads.

The next big, exciting piece of this issue was seeing the new Team Angel. It's quite large now, with Connor, Spike, Gunn, Illyria, Kate, Dez, James, Betta George and of course Angel, when he returns. Dez and James were interesting new characters in Aftermath but were written by a horrible writer, so it will be interesting to see where Willingham takes them and if he adds his own spin to them. They seem to enjoy being a part of the team, which is good for now.

I wasn't a fan of the possible romantic interest Armstrong set up for Connor and Dez in Aftermath and I'd rather not see Willingham address it again. We know Gwen is coming back eventually (whether she meets up with Team Angel anymore is unclear though), so I'd love to see Connor and Gwen mend some fences.

Spike had some great dialogue in this issue, and it was great seeing him babble on and on while everyone else worried about where Angel was. It seems like he went to Las Vegas between #27 and #28, so I wonder if the start of Brian's Spike series will show what Spike did there, since Brian has said he plans on taking Spike to Vegas. Guess we will just see, and see what happens when Spike actually begins, and if he will leave the main series so he isn't in both. I wonder if George might leave as well?

The ending wasn't a big shock, since we have learned what was up with Angel through interviews with the creative team. It was very jarring to see him wrapped up completely in those bandages though. The callback to Cordelia's Higher Power "I am so bored!" was great though and a nice was to end to issue. Innovation Labs DEFINITELY has a Wolfram and Hart vibe going on, with it's large corporate skyscraper and employees bustling around in suits. The "teaser" for next issue seems to hint that we'll see how Angel was taken, which I am looking forward to.

But that wasn't it! We also got the first part of Bill Williams and David Messina's Eddie Hope side-story, and it may have been my favorite part of the issue. In just a few pages Eddie is already a very 3-dimensional and fleshed out character. He has a lot of issues, and I can't wait to see where his story develops. The ethical issues alone with him killing people that technically did nothing wrong are excellent, and I only imagine that will be brought up in full force when he finally meets Angel. Considering what Eddie's "mission" is, I wonder if he will try and kill Gunn? Gunn was one of Hell-A's greatest villains, so I can only imagine that Eddie will want to take him out as well. There are so many possibilities with this character, that I now wish the same could be said for Dez and James, the other new characters to the series.

I haven't even mentioned the art, but it was overall pretty fantastic. Denham's likenesses are great, and his work during the action piece in the beginning were my favorite panels of his. I would have liked to see some detail in the background of the Hyperion scenes, but since that scene was more about checking in with each character, I'm happy he got them right first and foremost. Messina's artwork in Eddie's story was easily his best work yet. Just great, great stuff. I also picked up Messina's cover since I know I am definitely getting Jenny's cover next month.

Phew! This was a workout, but I quite enjoyed this first issue. It has me asking questions again, which reminds me of when After the Fall started. I am definitely looking forward to this new arc and so far, the new creative team is hitting it out of the park.
I love seeing all of the supporting cast at the Hyperion. This feels like the beginning of Season Seven. Obviously it takes place post-Spike series, post-Only Human. Interested to see if Willingham can make Kelley Armstrong's characters work with the rest of the crew.
The back up was interesting and I'm ready to read more.
Well, alright. We four so far have liked it well enough.
i could type more, but i'd only be echoing what has already been said.
I agree that it was great to see Team Angel reunited and with new members. Although I can't recall any time when Angel wanted to change the name of the Agency. Did that happen in the series, or do you think he was referring to some time we haven't seen?
Although I can't recall any time when Angel wanted to change the name of the Agency. Did that happen in the series, or do you think he was referring to some time we haven't seen?

I think that was a reference to Connor getting ALL of his memories back during After the Fall. Angel never said on the show that he wanted to change the name, but I imagine during the few weeks he was a happy father with baby Connor, he might have mentioned that he wanted to. And since Connor remembers as far back as being in his mom's womb, it is something he would remember. Granted, this is just speculation on my part, but it is nice to think that it happened this way.
I'm a little confused - is the name of this arc 'The Crown Prince Syndrome', or 'Immortality for Dummies'? Also do we have an issue count on long how it's being planned to run for?
It's called 'Immortality for Dummies' and it's a six part arc I think.But it's only Willingham's first arc.Bill WIllingham is the long term writer now with the Bill Williams back up.
Buffyfanatic, I was under the same impression... but the inside of this comic calls the story "The Crown Prince Syndrome, Part One."
They might be doing what they did with Aftermath and leaving the arc name off of the book, until the HC comes out? They should have put "Immortality for Dummies" at the top above the picture on the splash page, and left the subtitle where it was.
Good start - very much a set-up story, but lots which gives me good hope for the future.
-Interesting ideas with Connor - did anyone else pick up on his thoughts when he was in the cab? I'm paraphrasing here but it was something like 'I knew my life didnt get weird until that day in the LA alley that I met my army'. It's almost like the narration was from the future. Looks like that army are going to play a big part.
- Nice to see thegang back together (but there are cons with this...)
-The final 2 pages were fantastic. Yes we all knew the basic plot regarding Angel, but it was still a shock to see him wrapped up like that. Ouch
- Great start to the Eddie Hope story. Perhaps ny favourite thing in the book.
- Good art. Fantastic likenesses. Sometimes a bit static during the talky scenes, but I'm sure that will improve.

- Willingham doesnt *quite* have all the voices down yet. We were spoiled with Brian who had them down straight away, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt. This is only the start of the story.
- A few things I would like to see explained or gone into. Gunn,Illyria and Spike weren't around during the Aftermath arc so we never saw them introduced to James and Dez. Yet here they are chatting as if they knew them already. Would have preferred if it had been shown them all meeting. Small point, but would have made it more acceptable Also..
-Gunn and Connor. Gunn *killed* Connor. Would be nice if that was addressed and they werent all fine and dandy now like nothing happened.
-The gang is quite large now. 3 could be gotton rid of. *cough* jamesdezandgeorge*cough*

Looking forward to Angel getting back in the mix. I know he is out of the gangs way for the next 2 issues. Hopefully not longer than that.
Angeliclestat: About Gunn/Connor... check out the mean mug Connor is giving Gunn when he enters. I'd prefer that to a random argument, you know? I think they're definitely going somewhere.
Pat; Actually thats a good point. On re-reading it I noticed the subtext. I suppose I just felt a bit of a disconnect from the end of AtF to this, considering we havnt seen all these characters in the room together since then.

I'm sure it'll be built upon more in upcoming issues, but I would have liked to see Gunns re-entry into the group rather than just having him presented to us like this.

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