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December 16 2009

EW mentions Nicholas Brendon's run in "Santaland Diaries". But the magazine asks: Is he your pick for the ideal Crumpet?

I'm thinking, its got the perfect casting now.

Wish I could see the production with Nick in it. I'm going to see a one-night-only production here in Halifax, this Friday. I've never seen the show before, but I'm a big David Sedaris fan, so I'm looking forward to it! :D
I've been wondering what his performance is like. I just saw a local production of it (Memphis), and it was very, very funny. But it was also surprising.

The role actually called for a lot more versatility than I was expecting--comedy, drama, and some areas in-between.
He did a pretty fantastic job, as far as I was concerned. Very funny man.
QuanticoMVP - He really was fantastic. I haven't seen it done by anyone else, but I did read it just before seeing it, and he blew away my expectations. He really has a knack for voices. Obviously, we know the man can bring the funny, so I was quite pleased when, toward the end, he melted my heart and made me get all throat-lumpy with the sentimental elements.
When I saw the headline, I didn't realise "Crumpet" was the name of the character. I thought "'Crumpet'? what is this, a Carry On film?"
Knuckleball, where is the show being performed in Halifax? I also live in the city and would be interested in seeing it...
I thought Nick did a great job, too. I had a pretty hard time picturing him in the role (I'd heard bits of Sedaris reading it) before I went, but he was hilarious and affecting.
I love the Santaland Diaries. Zach Scott in Austin always has its version each year and it is pretty amazing each time around. Great, now I want to see it again.

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