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December 17 2009

Vote for Dollhouse actresses to be included in top leading females poll on E! Online. Adelle, Echo, and Sierra all have a chance to make it into E's "Girl on Top" leading female character poll! Julie Benz, Alyson Hannigan, and Christina Hendricks are options as well, for their non-Whedon shows.

Arghrarghrack, I just saw this on twitter- there are so many votes for Grey's Anatomy characters! *facepalm
What is interesting is the high number of votes for the characters on Glee.
Morena's on there too.
Voted for the beautiful DH girls.
I didn't vote for anyone in DH, I voted for who I thought was the best. Eliza was maybe middle on my list, Olivia was high up, but not number one!
I voted for my Dollhouse actresses although there were a lot of women there who are absolutely wonderful (I was surprised that Leverage got ignored!).
My votes:

Group A: Adelle DeWitt (Olivia Williams)
Group B: Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays)
Group C: Lily Aldrin (Aly!)
Group D: And there's no way to choose between Sierra (Dollhouse), Penny (Big Bang Theory) and Sue Sylvester (Glee) for the last slot so I picked the show I hadn't voted for yet =/
Sigh, have to beg off, can't pick amongst them . . . .
"You can vote multiple times" - and it's going through next week.

Come on guys, can Greys Anatomy fans really leave us in the dust?
it's stupid that they're grouped....what if you really love 2 from one group and just wanna vote for them alone??...i guess you'll have to alternate between the two if you do multiple votes...lame.

anywho, i chose:

Adelle (DH)
Echo (DH)
Lily Aldrin (HIMYM) Aly!
Sue Sylvester (Glee) Jane Lynch is so awesome as that character!
Hey now, that's more like it! Quite a jump from yesterday...

I had to go:

Adelle - Duh, awesome
Gemma - Sorry Echo, but Katey Sagal has been nothing short of phenomenal on SoA
Lily - Aww
Sierra/Sue - Who can choose?

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