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October 30 2003

Review of the "Seven Seasons of Buffy" , a collection of essays penned by academic and science fiction writers. It's suggested that "fan blather may in fact have contributed to the decline many fans felt the series suffered during its final two seasons".

Fan pressure ruining the show? Surely not. *heh*

The good news: I get to shell out more greenbacks for another collection of essays.

The bad news: Another opportunity for some people to lambast us "overly passionate fans" for being too vocal or for continuing to watch even if we're disatisfied with what we're watching. Do we REALLY need another excuse to talk down about people that get passionate about a show (or book, or movie, or game, or ice cream flavor, or WHATEVER the hell it may be) that they love, or at least loved at one time?
I don't think it's an excuse for the author to talk down about people who get passionate about the show. He may have the opinion that certain fans on the Internet who stamp their feet and say "I want" very loudly will get noticed by the creators and they will assume that's what all the fans will want. But I'll have to read the book and get back to you on that one.
Well actually I wasn't referring to the author in this case...
Sorry about that. Sometimes I get carried away.
The review is a bit overly, but on the whole, I'm afraid this collection is more fannish that most. And why are so many of the sci-fi authors also romance authors? Does this mean something?
yeah Maeve, it means that the romance authors have found what they consider an 'untapped' resource for their fiction---scifi readers---started with time travel. :D
Said I was going to try and avoid the commetns sections (making me cranky) but one more for the road.

The article on fan influence mostly focuses on the Kitten Board, perhaps, influencing Amber Benson not to return for S7 but it'a all speculation. The main thrust of the piece is a tour of goverment & advertising censorship, very litle about the fans.

I tend to think a lot of fans overestimate how much influence the have over the creators of the show. I'm sure Whedon listens but it's hard for me to belive that they are shifting storylines right & left based on the postings over at the Bronze. I think Whedon likes to let us think he listens to us, makes us feel more involved but then again, a lot of people are all bitter because they think Joss is letting the fans run him. You really can't win in this game.

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