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December 17 2009

(SPOILER) Ausiello has a casting spoiler for the series finale of Dollhouse. Major spoilers for other shows here as well.

My response is, Good, it shouldn't be any other way!
Also any time I post first I am happy, but what makes me even happier is that we on't get people writing "first" all the time. this site rocks because of news like this which more often than not brightens my day/night, and a good community. Even with cancellation this site makes me happy. A cancellation of a show means speculation, new projects and of course a big 'ol purple post.

Joss is our BDH!

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{spoilery} Also in the gossip about Castle is a link to .

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Nice. I wonder if things are still on track for 3 episodes worth of Alpha as mentioned awhile ago. I sure hope so.
maybe the finale is a 2 parter in some way and Alpha is in both.
How is it a spoiler that the series' big bad is in the finale? Isn't that pretty much a given? In any series?
We didn't know if he survived to 2019 before. Although it was implied he might have since there was a line about him contributing in some way to the safe haven (maybe intentionally, maybe not). I see how it could be pretty spoilery, in a different narrative context, but yeah, I guess I always assumed we'd see him there.

Of course, maybe he's just there in flashbacks. But that'd be so sad, he should totally be around for the apocalypse.
He wouldn't have to survive to be in the ep. There were plenty of people in Epitaph 1 flashbacks who may or may not have been alive in 2019.
I don't think it's very spoilery. Some on twitter are avoiding this spoiler like the plague, but I don't think it warrants that.
I mean, there was already a photo tweeted of Eliza and Alan on the set of 2x13 about a week or two ago, so this isn't really anything huge.
Yeah, I think spoiler is overstating it. When I saw what the "spolier" was, I kinda went, "Well, duh..." :).
So excited for this. I hope it's not flashbacks because I have got to say, I love Alan in this role and I really want to see him in what I would consider his element (the Apocalypse).
A is for Alpha, Apocalypse, Adelle, Awesome...
If we could only have Alexis too...I want to see the aftermath of President Perrin!
Woo hoo, that was my question to Ausiello posted on this weeks "Ask Ausiello!!!!!"

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