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December 17 2009

TV critics have their own Dollhouse lunch. A conversation between Mo Ryan, Alan Sepinwall, James Poniewozik about TV, where they talk mostly about Mad Men and Dollhouse. Contains somewhat spoilery discussion of season three of Mad Men.

Discussion includes the time-old question of whether Whedon would do better on cable.

Having met Alan and Mo, they are both incredibly fun/cool/nice people (I'm sure James is as well) and I love to hear what they have to say.
I haven't met them, but it did seem like a neat conversation that I'm glad to get to hear.
Poniewozik: To sort of circle back around to “Dollhouse"...

Ryan: As we always must.

Poniewozik: Yeah, everything’s about “Dollhouse.”

Sepinwall: Jon Hamm would be a great doll.

Ryan: I think Betty is a doll.

Love it.
Great Conversation! Awesome Points!! I'm really gonna miss Dollhouse!!
Interesting that they mention Game of Thrones. Really hope that get's made.

They seem to be a great bunch of people. Going to read it more thoroughly later today, after my last exam, when my Christmas holidays begin.
3 of my favourite critics, sounding like a bunch of my friends sitting around discussing tv (except more coherent and logical - I wonder if they actually are, or if significant editing was required...). Love it.

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