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December 18 2009

iF Magazine interviews Harry Lennix. Boyd speaks! On his theatre, film, and Youtube projects. Not to mention the shock that was Dollhouse season 2.

Hah, I was just coming over to post this.
Holy WTF. Boyd Langton and Jubal Early.

ETA that this is NSFW, language-wise.

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Last week I saw Stae of Play and Boyd is a best cop in Dollhouse.
And apparently it's Ron Water's "birthday" this Saturday. I know this because the character has a Facebook account.
It's interesting, if understandable, that actors seem to always love best the episodes where they are given the most to do. Not many fans would call "The Target" the best of the series, but I can see why Harry Lennix would -- it's got tons of great Boyd moments.

The one shame about the mostly amazing season two has been that Boyd's been pushed to the sidelines now Ballard's in the house. His juciest stuff so far this year was in the premiere with Amy Acker... then she went and left.

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