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December 18 2009

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll Trailer co-starring Olivia Williams. Biopic on the late Ian Dury, in which Ms. Williams plays his wife.

Somehow I can't picture Adelle listening to "Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick", but it's an interesting notion.

Fantastic, one of my childhood heroes, and Noel Clark from Dr Who too along with Olivia. This is on my must see list.

Altogether now "There ain't 'alf been some clever bastards."
If Rupert Giles could be "Ripper" in his youth, who knows what young Adelle got up to?

Alas, another Untold Tale of the Dollhouse....
Bizarrely, I'm actually in this briefly. Andy Serkis was INCREDIBLE (imagine incredibly prefaced by some choice Anglo-Saxon intensifiers) on set, so I have high hopes.

This sounds horrifically name-droppy, (very proud, so I hope that takes the sting off it) but shortly before filming I had the absolute honour and privilege to write some songs with Chaz Jankel, who was texting me throughout filming, daring me to shout "Chaz, You Are My Hero!" during concert scenes. Funnily enough, didn't make the final cut. : )

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I can't wait to see this. Hero of my college years.

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