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December 18 2009

(SPOILER) Enver Gjokaj previews tonight's episodes of Dollhouse. He also drops some hints for the three remaining episodes that will be shown in January. It's a gift of an interview for those who love big juicy spoilers.

Good lord. That was insanely spoilery. (And thus very interesting.)

What a talent Enver is. I'm blown away by him every time he's featured in the show doing something new.
Woah. Epic spoilers. Adelle's keeping up with the whole winning hearts and minds thing then.
Wow, you weren't kidding! crazy spoilers.

I wonder why theres been no preview clips for tonite's eps.
To try and avoid spoilers, edcsLover9.
Fair enough. Thanks gossi!
I love him! He's so cute!! Like when he's talking about how his Kiki scene was based on his drunken dancing at a club, adorable!!
Any major characters die?
Itís Joss Whedon. You know the answer.

Epic, that. ;) I'm really going to miss his acting once the series is done. It would be a shame to not see him in more in the future.
I started reading some of these and then I backed away. I usually am all for spoilers, but this is a bit too much. And I thought Fran was the spoiler guy.
Enver's learned to mimic Fran so well he's even into epic spoilers now.

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It must be like demob fever in the Dollhouse camp, spoilers galore!
Insane spoilers. I didn't think the spoilers were going to be that big, so I regret reading it now.
Jaw, let me introduce you to the FLOOR!

Holy BeJesus! I am even more stoked for these episodes, which I did not realize was possible! Gah! But... OM- Gah!
Really good interview! Enver Gjokej is going to have a really good post-Dollhouse career as a character actor. But...If he wants to be a leading man, he better change that funny last name of his. LOL

Nice interview very spoilerific!
Enver has a twin too?! Woh... Just like Nick! :D Very cool. Darn, no Amy spoilers. :'(
Woohoo, I love spoilers, the more the better. Great interview. I really can't wait for the final episodes.
Adele gets into a really dark place and even though his contract isnít quite up, she kicks him out of the Dollhouse.

- This did not happen.
Yeah, Enver got that slightly wrong. (Although you could argue she kicked him into the Attic).

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Yeah, there was no suggestion that he left because Adele was mad at him. Right? I thought his time was actually up.

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