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December 18 2009

Dr. Horrible named one of the decade's best geek moments. Joss's web creation is added to list of triumphs for the 2000s.

Serenity also makes the list. Seems like a good time of the decade for Joss.

Dr. Horrible proved what Joss and family could do with no studio, no network, and little to no budget--reaching audience (more than the "dozens and dozens" he deprecatingly quipped)through new media, and achieving Academy recognition for excellence. With the demise of Dollhouse, and the squashed potential of Firefly, this again demonstrates Joss should do his next project on cable or independently (in my humble opinion).

As for Serenity, I don't believe it was either a "capstone" or a "cornerstone." With further Joss tales in comics, including the long-awaited The Shepherd's Tale, the end of the film Serenity seems more of an appropriate pause, the placing of a bookmark, awaiting the next opportunity to return to the tale.

And I couldn't understand the The BEST part of Dr. Horrible wasn’t on the web at all, but on the DVD release!
It's like choosing between two sons. Or two Whedon sons.
Dr. Horrible was certainly my favorite original thing online in the last 10 years (and I have loved a lot of stuff online in that time!). I have to say though, the musical commentary remains my favorite part!

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