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December 19 2009

The worst Christmas present Olivia Williams ever received. As told to The Guardian.

haha, OUCH. poor boyfriend.
That's hilarious.
She's a little bit awesome. Between this and her hilarious Spaced cameo she may just be my new Jesus.
She's in Spaced?
She's just in that one scene as a cyclist. Can't remember the episode but Tim runs over her bike. Theres an extended version in the deleted scenes where she huddles over the remains of her bike and dramatically sobs: "You killed my bike! Bastards!!!".
That's was Olivia Williams? Awesome. I love Spaced.
And now I shall be watching Spaced again over Christmas.
That's her in that scene? She just climbed another step in the awesome scale!
It was all pink clouds and rosy nipples and no pubes.

Lol. Classy British lady said "pubes". I'm easily entertained.

And yeah, she was in Spaced, she's great too, too bad it was just that one short scene.
Love her more now!
Just recently caught her bit part in a couple of Friends episodes from about a decade ago. She was gorgeous, as usual, terribly sexy and it was a highlight of my day. :)
@guidedby: Hah, I just watched that episode yesterday. I've watched it so many times, but I had no idea that was her until yesterday. Minds were blown. :)
I have no idea what she meant. Why was she a bitca?

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