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December 19 2009

Sean Maher to guest-star in The Mentalist. The episode is called "Bleeding Heart"and it is scheduled to air January 21, on CBS. Additionally, I have no link for that yet, but Sean will also be guest-starring in an episode of FOX's new series, Human Target.

The episode he's in for that series is called "Embassy Row" and it has a tentative air date of January 20. Sean back on our screens, possibly two days in a row? This is almost too exciting!

Makes me happy to see Sean popping up in new things.
Yay! Good to see him back on the telly. Any updates on the movie he's doing with Colin Ferguson? Is it still a go?
Znachki: Yes, it is still happening! There's actually a bunch of exclusive stuff that has just been released over at (it's a brief interview with one of the producers and a script snippet). I'm actually super psyched for that project, I can't wait for them to start filming. :D

I wanted to post about it to keep everyone in the loop and tell them to check it out but I'm affiliated with the site so I can't start a post myself.
I haven't watched The Mentalist since the beginning of S1 but I'm going to be tuning in for this, defo. I'll probably be watching Human Target anyway and it'll be a nice to see him there as well.
Oh, yay! The Mentalist is my favourite US show currently on air, so it's great to see a familiar face there.

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