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December 20 2009

(SPOILER) Preview pages for the new Angel comics out Wednesday. Comics Continuum has preview pages for both Angel comics out on December 23: Angel: Last Angel in Hell Annual #1 and Angel: Only Human #5.

The Last Angel in Hell Annual marks Brian Lynch's and Stephen Mooney's final issues on the main Angel title. And Angel: Only Human #5 concludes Scott Lobdell and David Messina's mini-series about Gunn and Illyria, before they return to Team Angel in #28.

(I'm wearing a fake mustache so you can't tell it's me writing this) THOSE THERE "ANGEL ANNUAL" PAGES ARE GOLD I TELL YOU!!!!
Very clever,fake mustache wearing Brian Lynch
Fake Mustache Brian Lynch....sounds like a member of the Evil League of Evil.
Yay, Vamp.....

The annual is maybe probably definitely the best Angel book that I got to work on with Brian, it's freakin' hilarious. Please pick the book up, we're really proud of it and I think you guys would really enjoy it.

Oh, and happy christmas!
Looking forward to both the Annual and the conclusion of Only Human.

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