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December 20 2009

Photos from the Dollhouse wrap party. Maurissa's been tweeting pictures from Friday's wrap party. Linked here is Joss and Eliza on the dance floor. See her Twitpic page for more.

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So sad this is from the final wrap party and not just a season wrap. :(
The ones with Tahmoh and Dichen/Maurissa made my day ^.^
I love these people.
All good things must come to an end... unfortunately this one ended too soon. Well, too soon for my liking anyway.
That picture of Tahmoh and Maurissa is wonderful. He's so serious and badass, and she's so playful and cute. It looks like a quirky comic book team-up cover. And...I want Tahmoh's jacket. And good looks.
yeah well, who doesn't ? :D
Thanks for keeping us all in the loop, Mo!
oh, to be a fly on the wall at THAT party! (Then I wouldn't have to find an outfit!)
Very cute pics!! Glad they had a good time celebrating Dollhouse. What a group of gorgeous people!
Looks like good fun, and I agree about the Tahmoh pics. It's nice that they're sharing it with us, really.

That said, someone should remove Felicia's red eyes in that one pic. She's looking positively devilish (in a good way, naturally).
She really is a devil. Devil pride!

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